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Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller Review

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller Review

One very common issue with strollers, especially double strollers is a balance. Though the strollers are built to ensure an adequate balance between the two babies in the double stroller, some of the strollers still don't have the adequate balance needed; hence the handling will be more difficult for the active parent.

This issue has been curbed with the introduction of baby trend navigator double jogging stroller. This double stroller not only guarantees an adequate balance between the two babies, thereby ensuring smoother handling.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller​ Review

It also ensures a smoother ride, provides a more comfortable and safer platform for the babies and is generally more convenient for the active parents.  Apart from its aesthetic design, the stroller is built with some features that ensure smoother operations and gives better value for its money.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogging Stroller Features:

Let us take a look at some of its key features and their effects on the operation of the stroller.

Pneumatic Bicycle Tires:

Baby Trend Navigator comes with pneumatic bicycle tires. This special feature enables the stroller to adapt to any kind of terrain. Sometimes, the road might be smooth or rough, either way; this feature enables the stroller to move smoothly on the road, no matter the terrain.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller Bicycle Tires

The tires are also designed to reduce the effect of uneven surfaces and absorb shock so as not to affect the babies in the stroller.

Compact Resting Design:

This stroller is a great product for all children's height. It has a long and strong resting area for your child's legs. Whether your kid is taller or older, you don't have to worry as this product has great support. The most interesting thing is the space room is enough to fit a third child if necessary.

MP3 Speaker Plug-In:

The stroller supports MP3 players. There is an installed MP3 player with speakers on the top section of the stroller. Your baby will never get bored as you jog along. This is an advantage extra feature because not all strollers have this feature. If you want a stroller with additional and exciting features such as the mp3 speaker plug-in, then you're looking at this one. This way, your early morning run will be more interesting.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller​ Storage Compartment
Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller​ Folding

Adjustable Shade Canopies:

The weather can be unpredictable. During the summer, the sun can be quite harsh and the baby will need to be well protected. This stroller features quality canopies that will shield your little ones from the sun. The  adjustable canopy covers, present in the two compartments,  are long tight and long enough to cover your children against any environment.

Lock Front Swivel Wheels:

This feature makes the handling easier. The swivel front wheel makes it easy for the stroller to maneuver in tight corners and make the handling easy. The locking wheels also ensure the parents can run a certain speed smoothly without any hitch. This is an important feature to look out for in any ideal double jogging stroller.

Adequate Storage compartment:

This double jogging stroller comes with adequate storage compartment for your child. You can carry all necessary items for your child, including snacks pack, towels, diapers etc. The most interesting thing that will amaze you is that despite carrying child accessories you will find the stroller easy to push or pull along.

Parent and Babies' Tray:

The stroller also features parent and babies' tray on both sides of the stroller. The trays are used to holding cups. The interior of the stroller is quite spacious, enabling the babies to be more comfortable and move freely without falling down.

Quick Fold:

The stroller can be folded easily with the quick fold mechanism. This mechanism makes the stroller easy to store and move from one place to another. This is one of the most important features to look out for in strollers especially double jogging strollers. This is because they are usually wider than single ones and folding will be a frequent activity. So, a stroller with a quick fold mechanism equals ease of use.

Ease To Use:

Baby trend navigator double jogger stroller is relatively easy to use. With lots of features including front swivel wheel that enables easier handling, quick fold mechanism that ensures adequate storage and maintenance and nice handle with the amazing brake system, the stroller is one of the easiest to use​.


With a dimension of 46 X 32.5 X 43 inches and weight of 43 pounds, the stroller is heavy.​


  • check
    The stroller has canopies in both compartments to cover babies from the sun
  • check
    Easy to assemble, fold and store
  • check
    The stroller can adapt to different terrain
  • check
    Easy to handle and can maneuver in tight places
  • check
    The stroller is MP3 enabled
  • check
    Useful for long trips
  • check
    Easy clean and maintenance
  • check
    The stroller has five point safety harness system for your child safety


  • The stroller is heavy and wide
  • No handbrake for manual stopping

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does this jogger fit baby trend car seats?

A: Yes it does.

Q: Is the handle bar adjustable?

A: Sorry, the handlebar is not adjustable.

Final Verdict:

When it comes to speed, handling, and control, baby trend navigation double jogger stroller is right there among the best. With its wonderful design and spacious interior, the stroller is a blend between efficiency, comfort, and style. It is weather friendly and adapts well to different terrains.

The stroller is comfortable for babies to sleep and sit. If your priority as an active parent is speed, comfort, and convenience when it comes to choosing double jogger stroller, then you should consider this stroller. It will not disappoint you.

This stroller is fairly priced. Most strollers in the market are priced anywhere between $300-$800, if you are in this budget, then this double stroller is right for you.

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