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Best Umbrella Stroller Reviews 2021 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Umbrella Stroller Reviews 2021 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Apart from raising your bundle of joy, as a mom, there are other things that you also want to achieve such as losing the baby fat and get your sexy figure back. Well, we all know that you can't go to the gym with your new born or even go running around your neighborhood while carrying your child with a baby carrier. So what is the solution for this? This is simple! Invest in the best umbrella stroller in the market.

Also, this accessory is essential in the case where you are traveling or taking a stroll and most importantly if you have twins you can easily carry them with a stroller. There are different brands offered in the market to select from, and as a parent, you have to keep in mind the kind of features you wish to be present in the baby stroller before you purchase it. These functions include a ringer, a bottle holder for the mums who like to work out and so on. Never forget about the comfort of your baby especially for a new born or small infant which are determined by the material of the stroller and the size too.

What Is An Umbrella Stroller

An umbrella stroller is a baby stroller that you can easily fold to a small size. It is designed with frames that allow the parent to either incline or recline for the comfort of their child. It is called an umbrella stroller since it has a canopy that provides shade for a baby during the hot weathers or shields the child while he or she is sleeping. The baby stroller comes in different designs and has different features to fit the child's needs without forgetting the mothers too. So if you would like to buy an umbrella stroller for your child here are six best reviews of the best umbrella strollers.

Best Umbrella Stroller - Comparison

Best Umbrella Stroller Reviews

Below we will briefly discussed some of the important features of the six best umbrella strollers available in the market.

UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller Review - best umbrella stroller

This is an essential stroller for new mother or parents looking for an easy to use a stroller.

 G-LUXE understands that the safety of the baby is important and for that reason, they have designed the stroller with one action brake that makes it possible to control the speed at which the stroller is moving.

Adjustable Canopy:

The baby stroller is ideal for use in summer seasons since it has an adjustable canopy that ensures that your child is well protected from the direct sun rays. Also, the canopy can be adjusted in the case where the baby is sleeping to provide enough shade.

Easy to Maintain:

Cleanliness is essential for when it comes to baby's things, and therefore the stroller is designed with easy to remove parts that allow you to wipe it with water. The pad is made with water proof material hence no need to worry about either staining or wetting it when wiping.

Light in Weight:

The stroller has lightweight frames that make it easy and possible to carry around. This is a great feature ideal for those who need a baby stroller for traveling purposes. The stroller has a strap for shoulder carrying when going for an outdoor activity. 


Let your child grow with this stroller as it is designed for a kid who weighs around 55 pounds. So your child can use it up to the age of 1 to 2 years.

Three Recline Positions and Adjustable Foot Rest:

The stroller can easily be reclined in three different positions to provide comfort for the child while sleeping or even to sit. The foot rest is adjustable as well.

Stable and Safe:

The stroller has one break action, and the front wheels can be locked when the stroller is packed to provide stability in the case where the baby moves.


  • The baby stroller is made in light weight for easy carrying around
  • Has an adjustable canopy to provide ample shade for the baby while napping or sitting
  • Easy to clean since its parts are easy to remove
  • It has strong wheels for smooth movement on uneven surfaces
  • It is large to provide enough sitting space for your baby especially if they are big


  • exclamation-triangle
    The stroller is relatively large and hence won't recommend it for small babies who are less than six months
  • exclamation-triangle
    The canopy has an opaque material that does not allow one to peek on the baby
Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller Review

I am sure you would like to take your baby for a stroll on the beach with summer infant stroller.

Well to make your walk more comfortable get yourself this beautifully designed 3D lite stroller.

Light Weight and Durable Frames:

Movement with this stroller is quite easy since the frames are designed in light weight aluminum material that makes it easy to carry or fold up.

Safety Wheels:

Safety of the child is essential, and it is always advisable for parents to invest in strollers that are easy to control especially in slanted or uneven terraces. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your little one, Summer infant baby stroller is equipped with anti-shock front wheels while the back wheels are lockable for stability and prevent the stroller from moving when parked.

Flip out Sun Visor:

You would want to know how your child is fairing while you are walking and this stroller makes it easy for you since you can take a peek through the flip out visor which is transparent enough to allow you check how the baby is doing.

Four Position Recline and Five Harness Points:

The stroller is designed with four recline options that allow you to create a comfortable and excellent place for your baby to sleep well. The stroller has a total of five straps that ensure your child is well protected when moving in rough areas.

Large Storage Basket:

Keep your baby's necessary items in the large storage basket located at the bottom of the stroller.

Removable and Adjustable Canopy:

The canopy of the stroller is removable if you don't require it and you can as well adjust it to cover or shield the child while sleeping.

Rear Storage Pockets:

Store your baby's toys and small items such as snacks bottles in the rear pockets found on the stroller.


  • Easy to carry around especially with the use of the provided strap
  • It is easy to monitor your baby with the presence of the flip out sun visor
  • It provides enough storage space, and therefore you don't need to buy a carrying bag
  • The stroller is easy to control since it has lockable rear wheels for safety
  • It provides good napping place for the baby which can be achieved through the three recline positions
  • It shields your baby from the sun with the use of the adjustable canopy


  • exclamation-triangle
    The stroller is not recommended for the kids who weigh more than 55 pounds
Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller Review

This umbrella stroller is suitable for the people who are always on the move or for those going on a vacation. You will not need to change your car due to the storage space as the stroller does not take up large storage space.

The stroller is also ideal for the parents who are active and would like to work out as they bond with their children.

Besides, it is always fun and more enjoyable doing what you like surrounded by the people you love. So get yourself this convenient baby stroller.

Cup Holders:

The stroller has two cup holders where you can place your drinks or the babies bottle.

Easy to Fold:

This feature makes the stroller convenience for traveling and for vacationing since you can easily fold it to fit in your car.

Light Weight:

The stroller only weighs 12 pounds, and you can easily carry it around if you are not using it. For example, if you are taking your older kids to the park and you have a six-month-old, bring the stroller to put your baby to take a nap as you watch others as they play.

Recline Seat:

A baby requires being comfortable while sleeping to avoid hurting their back or the neck. This stroller is designed for three recline positions that enable you to make a comfortable place for the baby to sleep.

Storage Space:

With this stroller, you don't have to worry about the storage space since it has a large basket at the bottom where you can put all your baby's items. Most parents prefer this stroller since it is efficient to travel with and provide enough storage space.

Large Canopy:

Your baby will be protected from the direct sunlight rays as the canopy is large and adjustable. Other excellent features on the canopy include a peek-boo that allows you to watch how your baby is doing.

Adjustable Straps:

Note that the straps of the stroller are flexible saving you from buying another stroller when you child grows taller and stronger.


  • Very light you can carry it using one hand
  • Large storage basket that provides ample storage space for your babies needs while traveling or walking
  • Two cup holders essential for the parent to place their drinks especially for those who love to work out
  • The long canopy that protects your child from the harsh ultra violet rays
  • Clear canopy peek-boo that enables you to take a peek to see how your baby is doing
  • The front wheels have suspension effect which makes it possible to walk in rocky areas
  • Gives a deep recline that ensures your baby is comfortable while sleeping


  • exclamation-triangle
    The handle is relatively high hence not suitable for short people
  • exclamation-triangle
    The maximum weight for this stroller is 55 pounds, and a child who is 3 inches taller can not fit in this stroller
Maclaren Volo Stroller Review

Enjoy your walk around the neighborhood with this beautiful light weight baby stroller. It is also ideal for parents looking for a simple baby stroller.

The stroller only weighs about 10.8 pounds, and it is easy to fold and carry with your arm.

Wind Cover:

The stroller has a sturdy and durable wind and rain cover resistance that protects your baby during the windy seasons.

Light weight With Carrying Strap:

The stroller is crafted with easy to carry weight and comes with a strap for carrying.

Storage Basket:

The stroller is made with a large storage basket for keeping your baby's necessities such as food and changing clothes among others.

Removable Seat:

You can easily remove the seat and clean it as it does not take long to dry up considering it is made with mesh material.

Lockable Front Wheels:

The front wheels have swivel feature that makes it possible to lock the wheels when you park the stroller to prevent it from moving. There are spare wheels provided for replacement if need be.

Adjustable 5-point Harness:

Secure your baby from sliding or falling with the five harnesses located on the seat of the stroller.

Flip-Out Visor:

You can still check on your baby as you push the stroller through the flip-out screen located on the canopy.

Adjustable Canopy:

You can quickly and easily adjust the canopy length depending on the need. For example, you can lengthen it to shield the child while sleeping or close it when you want the baby to get some vitamin D from the sun.

Breathable Mesh Seat:

​The seat of the stroller is made with breathable material that ensures there is enough circulation of air when the baby is either sleeping or seated.


  • The stroller is light in weight
  • The handle is of average size making it suitable for use by a majority of heights
  • There is enough storage space for keeping your baby's goods
  • There are two cup holders where you can place your drinks or baby's milk
  • Easy to maintain due to the removable and washable mesh seat
  • Safe to use considering the front wheels are lockable


  • exclamation-triangle
    The padding of the seat is thin, and some kids may find it uncomfortable
  • exclamation-triangle
    Unlike other strollers, Volo has no recline feature
Joovy Groove Ultralight Lightweight Travel Umbrella Stroller Review

I would recommend this umbrella stroller for newborns since it is strong and the canopy provides enough shade too.

Made with a comfortable seat to ensure your new born will have a comfortable nap as you are on the move.

Light weight Frames:

The frames are made with durable yet light weight aluminum material suitable for a growing baby of up to 3 years.

Adjustable Legs:

The legs of the stroller are adjustable depending on the user's comfort and preference.

Extended Canopy:

The stroller is made with extra long and thick canopy that ensures your baby is fully covered from the sun and that is the reason new born mothers choose this particular stroller.

Easy to Carry with a Strap:

The stroller is easy to fold and has an attached strap that makes it easy to take the stroller on the shoulder.

Peek-boo Visual:

Get to see and monitor how your child is doing as you move through the peek-boo located on the upper part of the canopy.

Mesh- pocket Seats:

Get your child entertained and grooved by packing their favorite toys on the side mesh pockets essential for easy access to the toys by the baby.

Multiple Recline Position:

The parent can recline the stroller in the different position to form a comfortable napping or sitting position for the child.

Big Wheels and Adjustable Foot Rest:

The stroller has extra large wheels which make it easy to maneuver in different surfaces and has an adjustable foot rest useful depending on the babies height.

Five Harness Straps:

For the safety purposes of your child, you can use the five straps found on the seat of the stroller.


  • It is easy to carry using the adhered strap
  • Suitable for a newborn baby since it has a long canopy for an extra shield from the sunlight
  • It is convenient to use on different surfaces since it has extra large wheels
  • Suitable for the weight of up to 55 pounds and therefore your one-year-old child can use it
  • The material of the seat is extra soft to provide a soft napping place for the child


  • exclamation-triangle
    The stroller weighs around 18 pounds which make it a bit heavy than others
  • exclamation-triangle
    The seat is a bit small hence some kids may find it uncomfortable
Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller Review

This particular stroller is tailored to meet all of your needs regarding your lifestyle and the environment.  It is safe to use and provides enough protection from the harsh UV of sunlight.

The stroller can be detached to form a car seat that you can quickly click on the seat of the car. 

So making it an ideal stroller for traveling and vacationing since it can serve you in many ways.

Multi Purpose:

The stroller can be used for both walking your baby, and you can as well transform it to a car seat.

Light weight:

The stroller is easy to carry around using the suspenders provided. The frames are crafted using light aluminum frames making it essential for moms who are always on the move or for traveling too.

Safety Wheels:

The front wheels have suspension swivel that secures the stroller from moving when you pack it.

Multiple Recline Positions:

The stroller has multiple reclining positions that provide a comfortable napping place for your baby. The reclining positions enable the mom to create a comfortable and easy sitting position for the baby from a young age.

Large Storage Basket:

The stroller is designed with a relatively large storage space that provides enough space to keep your baby's goods when going out for a walk.

Powerful and Durable:

If you are looking for a stroller that your child will grow with, then this is the best choice. The stroller is designed with durable yet comfortable to carry materials that can accommodate a child who weighs up to 60 pounds.

Easy to Fold:

You can quickly fold the stroller using one hand in a few seconds, and it comes with one strap that makes it convenient to carry on your shoulder.


  • The stroller provides you with two services as you can still use it as a car seat
  • It has two cup holder to place your drink or your baby's milk bottles
  • Easy to hold and carry around with the provided suspenders
  • It has enough storage space for your baby's things


  • exclamation-triangle
    The stroller is compatible with kids of who weighs less than 30 pounds

Advantages of an umbrella stroller

Every parent should invest in a good umbrella stroller if they have a small child or you have one on the way. There a are various benefits that you will rip with this marvelous accessory that includes:

  • square-o
    Portability: For those who love to hold outdoor events or go for picnics in the park can consider buying a stroller. An umbrella stroller is easy to fold to a small size where you can easily keep it in your car for easy traveling. Other strollers are designed with straps for easy portability too. Also, they are manufactured in light weight such that you would not need help from other people to carry it. Others can easily be lifted using one hand.
  • square-o
    Storage space: With a baby stroller, you will not require buying other bags for carrying your child accessories and requirements when going out. Most strollers, in fact, all of them are made with a carrying basket that provides enough storage space for your baby's things. Others come with a bottle holder where you can place your water or baby's milk.
  • square-o
    Provides safety for your child: We cannot forget that a baby is safe for use. The stroller is designed with straps that you fasten on your baby to protect them falling. So, even if our child moves while you are pushing it or you walk on uneven surfaces rest assured your child will not slide or fall. Ensure the wheels are easy to control and lock in the case where the stroller is parked.
  • square-o
    Multipurpose: Apart from using the stroller for walking your baby, it can also provide other excellent services such as providing a place for your child to take a nap. All you require is to recline the frames to form a bed if you want to put your baby to sleep hence making it ideal for traveling.

Best Umbrella Stroller - Things to Consider:

Before you head to the baby shop to buy your child a stroller here are some important details to consider just making sure you purchase the best stroller for your baby.

The Purpose:

Understanding the reasons as to why you require a baby stroller is very crucial. For example, if you are an active person who loves to jog or walk, you should consider buying a stroller that has a water bottle tray. It is important to stay hydrated while exercising and such a stroller will provide the right storage space. 

Easy to Use: 

How convenient is the stroller regarding its usage? This is a crucial detail to keep in mind before you buy a stroller. The best stroller will not require you to keep on referring to the user manual on how to fold, incline or even recline it for your baby's use.

Travel Nee​​​​ds:

If your love to travel is one of the reasons that you are buying the stroller, then you should put your travel system into consideration. Remember different strollers have different features and therefore on your side you should keep your needs in mind when selecting. For example, a traveling stroller should be easy to fold and if possible have a strap for secure fastening. Make sure the size is compatible with your car boot.

The Handler:

Buy a stroller that is comfortable for you to push and this feature is incorporated in the strollers handle. If you are not the only person to use the stroller, consider buying a stroller with an adjustable handle such that whoever will be using it will not have a hard time pushing the baby.

The Size:

A good stroller should be big enough to fit your child and leave more space as well. Also, remember that you may require using the stroller for the baby to take a nap if you are out of the house and therefore before you purchase a stroller ensure it is of good size. I always advise parents to go with the child while buying such accessories since it is easy to measure and see if the child will be comfortable and fit well too.


You may get overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the right baby stroller given the many choices in the market. To avoid this draft a budget that you would like to spend in purchasing your child umbrella stroller. This makes it easy for you to buy the right stroller that has the right features for both your needs and your baby's.


Buy a stroller that is easy to reassemble for cleaning purposes. This is important for new born babies as their items require to be handled with a lot of hygiene and cleanliness. So apart from buying the best stroller ensure it is washable and easy to maintain too.

Final Verdict........

From the above information, we can boldly conclude that a baby umbrella stroller is an essential item that every parent must consider buying for their kids. It makes your walking easy and for the parents who like to exercise like walking or jogging, they can easily and comfortably do so while they walk their child. Make sure that you keep your baby's safety in mind when buying a baby stroller without forgetting the quality.

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