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Best Baby Carrier In 2021 - Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Baby Carrier In 2021– Reviews And Buying Guide

Are you a new mom and you are wondering what to do or rather what to use so you can be able to perform your usual house chores or walk while carrying your baby? Well, how about you invest in a good and quality baby carrier. There are different baby carrier brands sold in the market, and therefore as a mom, you need to be careful when selecting the best baby carrier to ensure you choose depending on your child's needs without forgetting your health too. Don't get attracted by the colors incorporated in the baby carrier but instead focus on the features of the item. Such features include the material, durability and the available carrying positions among others.

What Is A Baby Carrier

This is a piece of garment that is designed with two straps and a seating fabric whereby you carry your baby close to your chest while the two straps hang on the shoulder to support your child. A baby carrier also enables you to hold your baby and at the same time do your work such as cleaning, cooking and also walking your dogs. You can opt to carry the baby in the front or on your back depending on the activity you are carrying out or the age of the child. There are various brands of baby carriers in the market for you to choose from and I will sample some of the best brands to select from.

Best Baby Carrier - Comparison

Best Baby Carrier Reviews

Baby Tula Ergonomic Carrier Review - best baby carriers

Apart from buying a baby carrier, you will also require the fabric that is friendly to your skin especially if your child is heavy.

Therefore, for such reasons, Tula ergonomic carrier has been designed to meet all your parenting needs without forgetting your general health too. 

For those who love bright colors, you can easily get your favorite color since they are designed in different color shades for parents to choose from. Also, a baby carrier should be comfortable for use by all people, and therefore Tula has ensured that this feature is included in their products. What do I mean? If your younger daughter would like to carry her little brother or sister, you can quickly adjust the carrier to fit their size and be comfortable too which can be achieved from the material used to make the baby carrier.

Extra Leg Padding:

We know baby's comfort is very crucial and therefore Tula ergonomic carrier is designed with extra padding to ensure your child's feet are well supported and safe as well. Some parents would love this carrier since their baby can grow with it and still fit even when they add weight, and their legs expand.

Safety For The Baby:

The baby carrier is designed in the M carrying position that provides overall support for the child to provide excellent and reliable body development of your baby.

Easy To Use And Maintain:

The baby carrier is designed in soft and easy to maintain material that can be washed with a machine and takes less time to dry up. The fact that you can occasionally clean the baby carrier makes it ideal for use with new born babies. The carrier has three straps at the waist and at both shoulders which make it easy to fasten when carrying your child.

Double Padded Dual Shoulder Straps:

The carrier does not only offer support and comfort to the child alone since the mother is also taken into account when designing whereby the joints are designed with double pads which provide support to the back and the neck and are easy to adjust as well to offer a proper fitting to the mother.

Removable Hood:

Do you need a versatile carrier that you can use both during the windy and sunny seasons, well this is the baby carrier. I would advise you to buy. The carrier has a hood that is coordinated with the base to provide head support to the infants and shield them from the sun. You can always remove the hood if you don't need to use it.


The baby carrier is made with robust and durable material that can be used by a child who weighs up to 45 pounds.

Important Features:

  • Perfect for both front and back use
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Perfect for birth to 4 years old and beyond
  • Removable hood
  • Ergonomic M-position seat for baby's development
  • Dual adjustment straps
  • Leg opening and shoulder padding for your child
  • Large pocket on the hip belt
Ergobaby Bundle of Joy Baby Carrier Review

This is another excellent carrier for all babies including the infants.

Apart from beautiful colors that the item is designed with, the manufacturers also used the strongest fabric such that you can carry a baby who weighs up to 20 kgs. I mean how convenient is that!

Multiple Carrying Positions:

Are you tired of carrying your baby in one position only? With this baby carrier, you don't have to worry as it allows you to take your bundle of joy in three angles, i.e., the front inward, the back and also the hip position. This is also crucial since it gives you the opportunity to perform your house chores.

The Presence Of An Insert:

The baby carrier is made with an insert that provides extra support to children who are less than six months or whose neck is not able to stand on its own. The insert ensures the neck is put in a well such that your baby does not get hurt while using the insert.

Secure Padded Waist And Shoulders Pad:

Your size is also taken care of with the robust and double padded waist and shoulder band that provides support to the legs of the little one and your waist. The shoulder and waist straps are easy to adjust giving high support and comfort to the parent.

Easy To Maintain:

Cleanliness is crucial when it comes to baby's items, and this includes the carrier. For this reason, the carrier is made with detachable fabric that you can easily detach to clean and return as well.

Important Features:

  • Natural sitting position
  • Front, back, and hip carry positions
  • Perfect package for new parents
  • Machine washable
  • Infant Insert
BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle Review

If you have a new born, this is the best carrier to use. Designed in a classic look which is easy to adjust to fit your baby size and provide comfort for you and the baby.

The material is soft to the skin of the baby, and that is the reason why it is recommended for new born babies.

It is important for a mother to ensure that the baby carrier they purchase has an even distribution of the baby's weight on the shoulder and the waist part since not only is it comfortable but it is also healthy for the mother. So Baby Bjorn carrier has double pad straps that a parent can adjust and at the same time have a balanced weight distribution.

Two Ergonomic Carrying Positions:

Newborn babies require extra care while moving them using a baby carrier and therefore Baby Bjorn carrier is designed with two safe and ergonomic carrying positions which include baby facing in and baby facing out. The first position is essential for new born since you can be able to monitor them while you move and it is safe as well. Also as the baby grows, you can start to use the other carrying method since it is suitable for older children.

Ergonomic Adjustable Straps:

The carrier has sturdy straps that are easy to adjust to fit the right size of the baby and the individual carrying the baby too. Also, the plus size mums choose this carrier since they can easily adjust the straps according to their right size around the waist and the shoulders. Also, note that the baby gets to grow with such a carrier as you can quickly adjust the straps for a perfect fit.

Robust And Durable:

The baby also gets to grow with this carrier since it can be used with infants who are up to 15 months of age. No one would want to keep on buying new baby carrier after a short period, and for that reason, some mothers opt for this carrier due to its high quality.

Important Features:

  • Comfortable waist belt and back support
  • Perfect for newborn to 15 months baby
  • Two safe and ergonomic carrying positions
  • Machine washable
  • Easy to put on and take off
Infantino 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier Review

Infantino is another classic and improved baby carrier that helps in making your motherhood fun and enjoyable.

Do you want to go for a walk around your neighborhood or water your garden? With this carrier, you can easily perform these activities since it has various carrying positions that provide comfort to both the parent and the kid.

Robust And Durable Materials:

If you are walking with your two years old and she feels tired, you can carry her using this carrier since it is crafted using durable and sturdy materials that can withstand a weight of up to 32 pounds.

Adjustable Seat And Straps:

This company understands that kids are of different sizes and therefore as your child grows, you can adjust the position size for him or her to fit comfortably. Plus size and taller parents can also easily use this baby carrier as the straps are easy to adjust to fit well both around the waist and the shoulders.

Ergonomic Carrying Position:

Different moms have praised this kind of carrier due to its convenient regarding carrying position of various ages and sizes of kids. I can also attest to this excellent and beneficial feature since my wife has raised our two children with this baby carrier.

Easy To Maintain:

Worried about how to wash the fabric? Well, this is quite easy to clean using washing machine since it is strong and does not fade as well.


Some moms fear to use baby carriers during the summer since there is too much heat and the baby may not breathe well while using the carrier. When it comes to Infantino flip advanced convertible carrier, you don't have to worry about such features since the material allows enough air flow for excellent breathing of the baby especially the newborns.

Important Features:

  • 4 ways carrying position
  • Adjustable seat, leg openings, straps and waist belt
  • Includes wonder cover to protect your carrier and clothes
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable for baby
Boba Wrap Carrier Review

Mother are advised to keep their new born kids near to their skin since it helps them to bond well and provide enough warmth. One easy way to do this as you continue to wash your dishes or any other activities is by the use of boba baby wrap.

The carrier involves the use of fabric that you wrap around your waist and back to support the baby close to your chest too.

It is made of 95 percent cotton and about 5 percent spandex that make it possible to stretch to fit your child and provide warmth to the little one too.

Comfortable And Convenient:

If you are looking for a kid carrier that dries up quickly and that is pleasant to work with, then choose boba baby wrap organic carrier. It is crafted with soft and smooth to dry material that only takes few hours to dry.

Easy to Breastfeed:

Unlike other carriers where you have to unwrap for you to breastfeed, boba baby carrier does not necessarily require you to do so it is easy to slip out your breast for your kid to feed while carrying them. Some mothers prefer this kind of carrier when going out of the house since it helps them breastfeed in public areas such as the parks among others.

Good Fitting:

If you are plus size mom, then consider buying this wrap since it is easy to stretch to give a good round waist and shoulders fit as well. Also without forgetting your kid can grow with this particular carrier up to about 35 pounds.

Free From Chemicals:

If your child is allergic to any chemicals and dyes, then I would recommend this baby carrier. This is because it is manufactured using 95 percent cotton fabric and no chemicals added to it making it safe for use.

Important Features:

  • Simple tying style for a perfect fit
  • Machine washable
  • Breastfeeding-ready
  • Hands-free support
  • Free from harmful chemicals
SIX-Position 360° Ergonomic Carrier Review

Get your new born this beautiful and easy to use a baby carrier. A lot of mothers have praised and voted this as the most comfortable baby carrier to use among all other brands.

With multiple carrying positions you are guaranteed to get enough room to perform your activities while carrying your baby at the same time.

Multi- carrying Positions:

The baby carrier is designed with different carrying positions such as the front, back, hip and the front inward suitable for an infant and a new born baby. So your child gets to grow with this particular carrier from the time they are small up to 2 years old. The possibility of the parent to carry the baby using this different positions allows him or her to carry on with their work easily.

Easy To Wash And Maintain:

The baby carrier is easy to clean using a machine which requires a few minutes to dry. The material of the carrier is made with breathable micro fiber material that makes it easy to wash and dry too.


Some women choose this carrier because of the comfort it provides for new born babies since it has both adjustable shoulder and waist straps that allow you to carry the baby close to you, extra padding for comfort to both the mom and the baby and lastly the hoody part that provides support to the baby when sleeping. Don't be surprised to see a mom carrying her child with this carrier during the summer as the fabric allows it. The child will get breath freely.

Adjustable Seats And Straps:

Your baby also gets to grow with this baby carrier since you can adjust the position to fit the child.

Important Features

  • Perfect for newborns
  • Six sitting position for your baby
  • Voted most comfortable baby carrier
  • No insert needed
  • Machine washable
  • Lumbar support
  • Headrest and hood
  • Dual adjustments
  • Generous padding

Do You Really Need A Baby Carrier

Well, you have a car, and your grocery store is not far from your hood, and still, you may be wondering if you need to buy a baby carrier. The answer to this big question is yes! A baby carrier is essential for both the parent and the child. Why?

  • square-o
    Easy to work: Have you realized that the only times your baby need to be held or fed is the only times that you are extremely busy or in a hurry to do something, this is where a baby carrier comes in. You can easily carry your baby in any position depending on the kind of activity you are doing and still get your tasks accomplished. Some carriers allow you to carry the baby on the front, back side or even in the hip position.
  • square-o
    Bonding moment: Sometimes you tend to get busy such that you don't get enough time to bond with your kid and to compensate for such times use a baby carrier. Some carriers are designed in a way that you get to carry your baby close to your chest and also provide enough warmth to them. One of this kind of carriers is the boba wrap. So let your little one snuggle on your chest and also get carry on with your normal activities.
  • square-o
    Tame your kid:Toddlers can be annoying and disturbing sometimes especially in front of a massive crowd. So never leave your baby carrier if you are going to the park or grocery with your 2-year-old daughter or son. Once the melt down kicks in you, you can easily cool them down by carrying them so you can be able to do your shopping. You can also keep your child safe in places such as the park where there are a lot of people around.

How To Get Used To A Baby Carrier

First-time moms always have difficulties when it comes to using a baby carrier. These problems can be related to wrapping and the ability to withstand your child's weight. So for you to get used to a baby carrier start using it at an early stage when your child is still small so you can get used to wrapping it and also learn the suitable and the most comfortable positions to use while carrying your baby.

 You don't have to wear your child for the entire day but ensure you wear him or her at least four to five hours in a day. Remember the quality of the carrier also matters a lot since if the strap consists of good and quality pads then your back and shoulders will not hurt at all. Also, adjust the carrier to a close carrying position to ensure that both you and your baby are comfortable and your shoulders are not hanging.

Best Baby Carrier - Things To Consider Before Buying

Here are important things to consider before you purchase a baby carrier for your child.


The security of your child should always be your priority when buying such items and therefore ensure that you pay more attention in the purchase of a carrier that is of strong and durable material. It should be soft to your child and also offer excellent support to your child. Gather enough knowledge about different baby carriers from the internet and also follow the instructions on the user’s manual to ensure you firmly fasten the straps.

The Age:

The best thing about the baby carriers is that they are manufactured in different sizes for different ages and weights as well. This makes it possible and easy for the parents to buy the suitable and appropriate baby carrier for their children. For example, a two-year-old cannot use the same baby carrier used by a six months old baby since first of all there is immense age gap and also their sizes are quite different. It is advisable that you measure the weight of your child before you head to a baby shop to buy a carrier to ensure that you choose the correct one.


The skin of a child is quite sensitive and delicate, and mothers are advised to buy clothes made soft fabrics such as the cotton. The same case goes for a baby carrier. Ensure the material allows enough air circulation while carrying the baby especially during the hot seasons, it should also have soft materials to prevent it from causing an allergic reaction to the skin of your little one. The material should also be easy to wash and dry up too.

The Designed Carrying Positions:

Before you purchase the baby carrier of your choice, get to know the available carrying position to figure out if it will be convenient for you. Remember one of the reasons you need to buy the baby carrier is so you can be able to perform other activities while still holding your child. You may require a baby carrier so you can be able to breastfeed the child when you go to a public place. All these requirements should be put into consideration so you can be able to select the most convenient baby carrier. I would also recommend one to buy an ergonomic multi-position carrier since it allows you to carry the baby in different positions for your convenience and ensuring the safety of the child at the same time.

The Surroundings:

The area that you live in should also be considered when purchasing your baby carrier. I am sure you would like to go for a walk or to the grocery stores while carrying your baby and therefore ensure the carrier is favorable for that particular climate. Meaning; If you live in the areas with hot temperatures, consider buying a carrier that allows free circulation of air to prevent your baby from developing heat rashes, also for those who live in cold areas warmth should be your priority when selecting a carrier. Ensure it provides enough warmth to your baby.

The Size:

The size of the baby also plays a role when selecting a baby carrier. Remember children grow fast, and it is easy to outgrow the baby carrier when they reach a certain age. Therefore, to save your expenses in buying a new baby carrier consider purchasing an adjustable carrier that you can quickly adjust the waist and the shoulder parts to fit your infant comfortably.

Wrapping Up:

If you are wondering on what to gift your sister or in-law after her successful deliver, how about you buy her a baby carrier? Follow the above tips to ensure that you purchase the correct items that are suitable for your sister or in-law and also from the above-discussed carriers you can be able to select the most appropriate one for them. One thing to keep in mind while buying anything for a child is their comfort and safety as well Quality should be considered since you will not need to keep on going back to the shop to purchase a new baby carrier. If you are a new mom, use the above-discussed tips to guide you on how to use and get used to using a baby carrier. So enjoy your motherhood and have those beautiful and memorable bonding moments with your kid by acquiring a good and quality baby carrier.

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