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Best Tandem Stroller For 2021 - Top Models Tested And Reviewed!

Best Tandem Stroller For 2021 – Top Models Tested And Reviewed!

It is inevitable that at some point, family size will increase. Enter twins or baby number two, and the need for a tandem stroller becomes evident. Since you want the best for your children, you should settle for nothing less than the best tandem stroller. A tandem stroller is a part of what you purchase when doing shopping for your second child or set of twins. It is made not only for your convenience but also to meet your children’s needs as well. With a tandem stroller, for instance, you will be able to shop for your groceries as you watch over your duo who are safely held in their seats. You will be able to bond with your children with each ride. This guide presents a review of the best tandem stroller available for you.

What Is Tandem Stroller?

A tandem stroller is a vehicle that is hand-pushed and it is used to carry a maximum of two children simultaneously. It can have one seat in front of the other so that one child sits in front of the other. It can also have the baby seats positioned side by side. Here, the children can see each other.

It is comprised of parts such as wheels, a metallic frame, a handlebar and a storage basket. Tandem strollers are meant to provide movement convenience without compromising on the comfort and safety of the child. They provide a stress-free travel amidst the already busy life that is getting busier. They are reusable if taken care of well and therefore a worthwhile investment.

Types Of Tandem Stroller:

There are various types of tandem strollers. They include the following:

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    Side-by-side strollers: These strollers have two seats positioned side by side. Generally, they are narrow to enable them pass through the standard doorways and aisle.
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    Umbrella double stroller: These umbrella strollers are best for a brief outing. Given that they do not fully recline, they are only meant for children between six months of age upwards.
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    Tandem double strollers: These have one seat put in front of another. They fit in various passages. These strollers tend to be long. Whereas the front seat does not fully recline, the rear seat does.
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    All terrain double strollers:  These double strollers are the most stable strollers so far. This is because they are made for all kinds of terrain: rough or smooth. They are also suited for jogging because the front wheels can be locked for better control.
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    Sit and stand strollers: When one of the children is older and the other a baby, this sit and stroller is the best choice. The older child gets to either sit in the rear seat while safely buckled up, or can stand as the parent gives them a push. It comes with storage space too.

Best Tandem Stroller - Comparison

Best Tandem Stroller Reviews

Without further ado, here are top tandem strollers. I’ve included the most pertinent information in the reviews below so you’ll know what to expect from each one.

1. JOOVY Caboose Too Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller

JOOVY Caboose Too Graphite Stand-On Tandem Stroller Review - best tandem strollers

This tandem stroller is a must-have. It is unique, trendy, name it! Going for a very reasonable price, a two-year warranty guarantees this stroller.

It is strong, is ideal for long trips to amusement parks, the zoo among others. It will serve you for a considerably long time.

Recline – Sit - Stand:

The stroller offers these options for the occupants depending on their age. Babies obviously begin by reclining. As they grow older, they begin to sit. Once they have overgrown sitting in the stroller, they graduate to the rear seat upon which they can either sit or ride standing on the rear platform. Meanwhile, another baby will occupy the front seat which is now available for occupancy, and patiently outgrow it like the older child.

From Start To End Of Ride:

Right from the beginning, assembling the stroller is not difficult. Steering it is even easier guaranteed by non-flat tires that go anywhere. The wheels swivel for smooth turning as needed but can be locked as well. The stroller is light in weight, yet can sustain a weight of up to 90 pounds in all without affecting the smoothness of the ride.

Meanwhile, as you push it, you can walk without kicking the base of the stroller. After the ride, the stroller can be collapsed into the half. It is so user-friendly that even grannies can operate it!

The Extras:

The frame of the stroller is sturdy considering that it is made of steel. This adds to its stability on rough terrain. The handlebars are high enough for tall parents, minimizing back pains caused by uncomfortable bending. The harness on the front and rear seats offer a safe ride for the children.

The canopy is adequate for both children providing shade from the sun. The stroller is sizable enough to be checked at the airlines during a travel. It is not bulky. The child occupying the front seat can enjoy snacks served on the tray, or play with his or her toys on the same.

Important Features:

  • Full-size removable rear seat
  • Rear seat has a multi-position recline
  • Rear bench seat
  • A universal car seat adapter included

2. Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller

aby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller Review

You are looking at a 5-star stroller with amazing features for both the rider and those being ridden. The stroller is enabled to help you visit anywhere – the park, the beach, grass fields - all for a decent price. This explains why you will enjoy a one-year warranty. You are in for a stroller that will last you a long time.

If Wishes Were Horses, Even Strollers Would Praise Themselves:

This stroller is light in weight, only 32.6 lbs, making it manageable to lift. Ironically, it can carry children weighing up to 25 lbs each. Again, you only need to pull it, and voila! It gets folded. With its tires that cannot deflate, it relieves you of carrying a pump for fear of a likely puncture.

Besides, these types of tires also allow you to go stroll in all kinds of terrain. Its four wheels make maneuvering various bends easy-peasy. You can actually push it effortlessly using one hand. Even grandma will be able to push her grandchildren in it!

The handlebar is designed to adjust according to your comfort and height. This ensures that the upright posture is maintained. The stroller has a peek-a-boo window that gives you the freedom to check on the children without having to stop.

The Children Will Not Be Silent:

The riders in the stroller will have the same word to describe their experience: yippee! They will simply love it. This is made possible by the suspensions in the front wheel that ensure a pleasant glide as opposed to uncomfortable bumpy rides.

Having the seat side by side helps the pair keep each other company as they look at each other and bond more. The duo will be reclined on cushioned seats that lull them to sleep. The seats can be separately reclined. When one rider is an infant or is asleep, he or she will lay comfortably without inconveniencing the other one.

Safety, Safety, Safety!:

The seats come with harnesses that hold the children securely. The separate canopies are large enough to protect them from the dangerous ultraviolet sun’s rays and other weather elements. The braking system ensures that the stroller does not stray away on its own posing danger on the children.

Important Features:

  • Patented quick fold technology
  • All terrain non flat tires with front wheel suspension
  • Plush padded seat
  • Adjustable sun canopy with peek a boo windows
  • Adjustable handlebar that suits users of all heights

3. Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller Review

If you are looking for a top-notch tandem stroller that will allow you to multitask, then you can settle for this one. This stroller will be your companion in both local and international adventures. It is suitable for everyday use. In addition, for the first year of use, there is a one year limited warranty. You will enjoy all this and more at a very affordable price.

No Need To Be A Super Mom To Handle This Stroller:

With one hand, you can fold this stroller while standing upright and holding your baby using the other hand, all at the same time. The maximum weight allowed for both riders is a whopping 80 lbs. Yet, you will still push the trolley with ease.

The swivel front wheels can also be locked ensuring control and smooth maneuvering. Tall parents can comfortably push the trolley without their legs hitting the basket beneath.

Quench Your Thirst:

There is a tray made specifically for you to contain your refreshments. Remember that it is recommended to rehydrate while engaging in a physical activity since it affects one’s performance. The storage baskets are roomy enough and sealed to contain your accessories such as diaper bags, snacks and your handy shopping without the fear of your stuff falling off.

The Children Will Have A Story To Tell:

Riding a trolley is not merely about moving from one point to another. The quality of the child’s riding experience matters. This is why the trolley has seats positioned like those in a stadium, where the seat in front is lower than the one immediately behind.

The child seated at the rear will still be able to enjoy a full view of the surroundings. The suspensions on the front wheels eliminate uncomfortable bumpy rides. The seats recline fully allowing the children to enjoy their sleep once satisfied with sight-seeing.

The child’s trays have two cup holders each. To shield the adventurers from the sun’s rays, wind and other weather elements is the retractable canopy. The trolley occupants’ feet do not dangle all the way. There are footrests for them.

Important Features:

  • Easy-access drop-down storage basket
  • Features 2 reclining seats with individual canopies
  • Lockable front swivel wheels with suspension
  • Extra large storage basket
  • Easy one hand folding mechanism

4. Evenflo Parallel Tandem Stroller

Evenflo Parallel Tandem Stroller Review

This stroller leaves you with a wow effect. It is designed to reinforce healthier relationships among family members as they take a ride.

This ride is definitely not ordinary. A bonus is that it will not cost you an arm and a leg: it’s affordable.

Bonding Is Part Of The Ride:

Of the five different riding arrangements, two are particularly geared for bonding. These are baby seats facing the parent, and baby seats facing each other. When the seats are turned to face you, you can have a direct encounter with each child and address their needs on the spot. Child to child bonding is enhanced when the seats face each other. This kind of ride is accompanied by a lot of smiles and laughter from the children.

The Quality Of The Ride:

The front swivel wheel is not only lockable but also has suspension. With these in place, maneuvering has never been made easier. The ride is also very smooth since the suspensions prevent bumpy rides, especially where the terrain is uneven. Each seat can accommodate a child with a maximum of 40 pounds. Hence, this stroller will serve you for a long time as your family grows.

Safe Passengers During The Ride:

Safety has been catered for in the provision of brakes, allowing you to be in full control as you push. The children are also safely held by the harness on their comfortable and padded seats. The large canopy offers protection for each child against harsh weather conditions.

Support for The Ride:

As you push the stroller, a cup holder is provided in case you will need a gulp of your favorite drink while on the go. A sizable basket is also provided to contain your purchases up to a limit of 4.5 kgs. This basket can be accessed without difficulty. The stroller is just as easy to assemble as it is to fold. It folds and stands upright.

Important Features:

  • Elegant travel system stroller
  • Features multiple riding modes
  • Features a front wheel suspension and a lockable front swivel wheel
  • Large storage basket for mom's convenience
  • Easy fold with self-stand

5. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller Review

Ask any parent and they will tell you how a free hand is valuable while shopping with your kids in the stroller. This stroller gives you that experience.

With one hand, you can operate it, as your other hand attends to other needs. It provides these attractive features and more for a fair price.

Joyous Ride For Two:

Your children will enjoy sitting side by side all the while sharing the same large sun shade. It has sufficient padding on seats that fully recline for children’s naps especially when they are younger. The seats are also spacious. These seats function independently. Hence, individual needs of each child are still met.

Each child is safely strapped with the 5 point harness. A bar is positioned across both seats to further reinforce safety measures against children climbing the stroller unattended. Children up to 45 lbs each are accommodated on this stroller without compromising on the quality of the ride.

One-hand Touch:

As your children enjoy the ride, you will discover that this stroller is also easy to handle. For instance, when your child wants to recline into a sleeping posture, you do not need both hands to make this adjustment. Additionally, one hand will do the job of collapsing the stroller into a fold.

This stroller is easy to navigate ‘singlehandedly’ because it is light in weight and narrow at the same time. The large wheels add to the stability and smoothness of the ride. Even with the side by side seating arrangement, this stroller goes through any standard door.


The storage facility of this stroller makes a big statement. Underneath the stroller is a huge cargo space for your shopping, diaper bag, handbag and much more. There is extra storage behind each seat as well as in each seat. These make storage of essentials such as kids’ toys and snacks safe.

Important Features:

  • 30" width-fits through standard doors
  • One-hand fold, huge basket and canopy
  • Large wheels & recline each seat
  • Sporting an enormous canopy

6. Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller

Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller Review

If you want to combine excitement with strolling, well, this stroller has them. It comes with seven seating arrangements that make each ride a fun experience.

Compared to its counterparts, the price it goes for is pocket-friendly and it is made to last for a long time. You will enjoy a one year warranty on it.

A Special Treat For Children:

The riders are spoiled for choice given the various seating options (except sideways, of course). If they are not facing ahead, they can face backward and just stare at you smilingly: a bonding bonus. As if these are not enough, you can explore the face to face option to encourage interaction between the two.

Even the backs of the seats can face each other in this stroller. If your children love each other, then you can allow them to face each other often while riding in the stroller. However, if they do not get along much, then you can consider the other options.

A Glide For A Ride:

The ride is super smooth. What else would you expect with a killer front and rear suspension? All those bumpy rides are a thing of the past with this stroller. The canopies cover the children’s faces all the way to their knees without compromising on the scenic views.

You And The Stroller Manual Will do:

When you follow the instructions in the manual, you will notice that it is as easy to assemble just as it is easy to fold. Although it is a tandem stroller that can carry children weighing up to 80 lbs, it is light in weight to push. Its aluminum frame makes this happen. Old folks can bond with their grandchildren effortlessly because they will not need to expend much energy.

The stroller is sturdy and can be navigated without difficulty. There is a brake pedal that is easy to engage irrespective of your footwear. This gives you a sense of safety since you are in control of the ride. There is plenty of storage that will help you keep your stuff well.

Important Features:

  • Versatile 7 seating configurations
  • Reversible seats with new lift-assist mounts
  • Dynamic front and rear wheel suspension
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Sandal-friendly brake pedals

7. Evenflo Minno Twin Double Stroller

Evenflo Minno Twin Double Stroller Review

Convenience redefined is what this stroller is all about. It is convenient for both your riders and you. It is also convenient for air travels and other shorter trips.

Being a side by side stroller, it still fits through doors and aisles without a hassle. Its features surpass the price for which it is going for. You get value for your money.

Too Good To Be True:

Your children will find this stroller very smooth to ride in. This is because it is made with suspension in its front wheels. The suspension deals with the bumpy rides and causes the kids to be rocked gently instead.

The canopy is huge offering maximum protection from weather elements that would otherwise make the stroll sour. It has a peek-a-boo window that you can use for that spot check. The seats are well padded adding to the already guaranteed comfort.

The Stroller Grows With Your Child:

As the children grow, the stroller can be adjusted to their size and weight needs. For instance, the footrests and seat recline options can be changed as the children grow. The stroller can handle up to a combined child weight of 90 lbs which means they will have it as their companion for quite some time before they outgrow it.

Your Story:

Assembling this stroller is straightforward and easy. You will also notice that this stroller can be navigated with one hand as the other handles other equally important needs. This is because it is light in weight.

What The Stroller Would Say If It Spoke:

Folding this stroller into a self-standing position is conveniently done using one hand. This standing position is also a great way to save space. You will push this stroller very easily because it has wheels which swivel for purposes of ease of turning. They can also be locked for undisturbed forward movement. The stroller has sizable storage for your stuff catered for in the basket.

Important Features:

  • Lightweight, compact & Versatile tandem stroller
  • Offers a unique one-hand, self standing fold
  • Front wheel suspension and swivel lock wheels
  • Multi-position reclining seat
  • Two position foot rest
  • Oversized canopy with extended visor

What To Consider Before Buying A Tandem Stroller

Faced with myriads of choices of tandem strollers competing for your attention, and your growing need for one, it is vital that you consider what makes a tandem stroller the best of the best. Equipped with this useful information, you can make the right choice to suit your children’s needs as well as yours. A good stroller should have the following:

1. Easy To Fold Features:

Since you will need to multitask, a stroller which can be folded using one push and be in an upright position is best.

2. Wide Canopy:

To protect the children from harsh weather elements, select a stroller whose canopy shields the children all the way to their knees. It should also have a peek-a-boo window.

3. Safety Features:

The 5-point harness is the best for buckling the children in their seats. Also, a flip-flop brake at the handlebar as well as near the rear wheels is a plus.

4. Washable Seats:

Strollers get dirty and can be a health hazard if not properly cleaned. Hence, select strollers with seats which can be cleaned.

5. A Handlebar That Is Adjustable:

People are of different heights. Therefore, the same stroller should be used across these heights. This is only possible if the handlebar is adjustable.

6. Lockable And Swivel Non-flat Wheels That Have Suspension:

These guarantee good navigation and a smooth ride despite the terrain. Non-flat wheels will last longer and eliminate the likelihood of punctures. Having suspension on both the front and rear wheels is the best. When either the rear or front wheels have suspension, it is still adequate. Lack of suspension is a no-no.

7. Storage Space Is Important:

Typically, a recommended stroller basket should hold at least 10 pounds of weight. Additionally, the basket should be within easy reach. Watch out for baskets that are inaccessible when the back seat is fully reclined.

8. Weight And Size Of The Stroller:

Once folded, the stroller should be able to fit into your car. If the stroller is too heavy for you, it may end up being cumbersome to operate.

9. Additional Accessories:

These will include bottle holders, trays for snacks, parent organizers, rain cover, among others. These are meant to provide additional comfort to avoid inconvenience during the stroll.

10. Age Appropriateness:

Strollers are for use for children from at least 3 months when they have attained neck control. Before then, consider using a car set.

Final Verdict:

The guide and review I have presented are adequate to help you make a selection of a stroller you will never regret. Of the seven reviewed, your needs and those of your children should determine what is allowable and what is not, not forgetting the budget you have allocated for it.

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