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Best Baby Monitor For Twins In 2021 – Guide & Reviews

Best Baby Monitor For Twins In 2021 – Guide & Reviews

Everyone knows that having a baby is a huge ordeal. There are tons of planning to make, preparations to do, and getting ready to be had. You'll never really know what it's like until you've gone through it yourself or have been in close proximity to someone who has. Now, picture having a baby two times over. Having twins is as exciting as it gets.

If you've found out that you're having two babies instead of one, you've just realized that you're going to have to get two sets of everything. You'll have to get two cribs, two car seats, and even a double stroller. You'll be getting many gadgets in two, and one of those might be a baby monitor. Will you need one or two? This guide will help you decide which are the best baby monitor for your twins and how many to get for your soon-to-come little ones.

Best Baby Monitor For Twins - Comparison

4 Baby Monitor For Twins Reviews:

Summer Infant Dual View Video Baby Monitor - best baby monitor for twins

Some parents decide early on to establish the individual identities of their twins by giving them separate rooms as soon as they get home from the hospital.

The Summer Infant Dual View is perfect for viewing two separate rooms on one device. 

The product comes with two cameras already and can be supplemented with two extra cameras for any siblings that may come down the road. This baby monitor can also be useful for single-room views. The extra camera can be used for another room in the house. If ever baby number one is napping while baby number two plays, they can be in separate rooms and can be monitored simultaneously.

It even has a zoom option that will allow you to close in on the sleeping baby's breathing, as most parents do anyway. The 600 feet range will give any mom just the right amount of flexibility to do other things around the house while her babies are sleeping or busy playing.

After all, infant care involves so much more than cuddling all day; of course, if only we could. Moms and dads can get to the tasks of food preparation, cleaning and sanitizing bottles and surfaces, and the endless supply of laundry.

The clip-on feature will allow parents to attach the baby monitor on their person, and it will set off an alarm as soon as parents walk away too far from where they need to be. Everything else about the Summer Infant Dual View is just what you would expect form a high-quality monitor. Both volume and brightness are adjustable.

The picture is of digital color quality, so you won't be getting a static-looking gray screen. It even has a power save mode, making sure that your monitor won't lose power at any point during the night.


  • The additional camera capability will let you monitor your entire house
  • Communication is two-way, so you can soothe your baby from a far
  • You can monitor two rooms on one screen
  • Has an indicator if you are too far from your babies
  • Has a large 3.5" LCD monitor for better viewing


  • Good video quality dampens battery life
  • Signal drops occasionally
Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor Review

If you want a baby monitor that acts more like a true video camera, the Infant Optics DR-8 is the one for you.

This baby monitor will allow you to pan, tilt, and zoom remotely from wherever you are in your house, without having to disturb your peacefully sleeping little ones. 

This works well for twins that are sharing a room. Parents can easily monitor two infants closely with just one camera. Another great feature that comes with this baby monitor is the interchangeable optical lens, You can do so much more than just staring at one angle on your screen. You can also see more with the wide-angle lens option that you can purchase separately.

It gives you options in completely customizing your monitor views, and it will also accommodate to any room size, shape, and set up. It can rotate a maximum of 270 degree horizontally and 120 degree vertically.

The sound activated LED lights on the side are very helpful, especially at times when you're so tired that even sound can't wake you up. The light from the LEDs will soon do the trick as it turns on when your babies make any sound.

This baby monitor also has a long battery life of 10 hours on power-saving mode. This will especially come in handy for the time when your twins finally sleep through the entire night with no interruptions. Moms and dads need their sleep too,after all.

You can easily pick up this baby monitor and move it to another room as needed. It stands on a firm base, which means you can set it on any countertop or tabletop. For parents who need more than one camera, you can get add-on units separately and link them to your screen.


  • Screen can be turned off with sound still on
  • Can be set up easily as a portable device for traveling
  • Does not interfere with Wi-Fi
  • Has a good night vision option


  • Cameras can be linked to only one monitor
  • The monitor will not turn on with sound or movement
VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor Review

Two babies might automatically translate to two cameras for some parents. While most units come with only one camera.

There are options for those who prefer to have two Whether you want two cameras in one room or one in two different rooms, the VTech VM321-2 can accommodate to whatever you and your twins need.

This particular monitor has an automatic infrared night vision that will give you the best view of your twins at night. In addition to the two-way intercom, you can even choose to play a lullaby to soothe your twins. This baby monitor has 5 preset lullabies that can help calm your babies at night. It also has a temperature sensor that can alert you if ever the room temperature where your twins are at falls or rises beyond what you've set.

The adjustable camera lens means that you are not set to one view. You can adjust the camera to see other areas in the room or just to follow your twins around as they play. The LCD screen is of high-resolution quality. The full-color feature will let you see your twins just as you should, even when you are busy with other parental duties. This baby monitor also has an extra bonus feature for parents.

This monitor can be muted as desired since there is a noise volume indicator that will tell you how much noise is going on wherever your twins may be. You'll know for sure if ever your babies are crying for hunger or maybe just for some love and attention.


  • Camera units can play music
  • The monitor system can accommodate up to 4 cameras
  • Has a cord management system to put away dangerous cords


  • Monitor screen is smaller than most at 2.8 inches
  • May take up to 12 hours to charge initially
Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras Review

Much like regular baby monitors, the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor does it all. Motorola is a known communications brand, and their baby monitors are equipped with some of the best 2-way talk back systems.

You can use the baby monitors to soothe your rousing twins in the middle of the night or to simply let them know you are watching them while they play during the day.

With the capability of up to 4 cameras linked to each monitor, you can have eyes throughout your house or eyes specifically for each one of your twins. This baby monitor is also equipped with an adjustable camera, which allows you to zoom as needed, pan across any room, and even watch on a tilted angle.

This will provide you with less stress and anxiety with leaving your twins in their room knowing that you can adjust your baby monitors to look at your babies closer. Aside from this feature, this Motorola baby monitor is also equipped with infrared night-vision for high-quality video streaming in the dark. The device will let you know if you're running low on battery.

This will be the perfect time to either run both cameras and monitor through an adapter while you charge the batteries. Either way, the unit will still function effectively to ensure your twins are monitored whatever they are doing.


  • Unit comes with two cameras already
  • Has a visual noise indicator
  • Highly portable and will work with or without batteries


  • Monitor is small at 2.5 inches
  • Might cause slight feedback
  • Does not have a split screen

Buying Baby Monitor For Your Twins - Things to Consider

Before buying the best baby monitor for your twins, you have to consider some important things. Below we will discuss them in briefly.

1. Camera And Monitor Quality:

We've all seen an image of crappy and almost scary baby monitors at one point in our lives. There truly is nothing like being able to see your babies in high-quality pictures when you aren't physically able to Good baby monitors have decent screen sizes and have good picture quality.

2. Night Vision:

A lot of infants are unable to sleep with even a small sliver of light in the room. Having a night vision option in a baby monitor will allow you to see your infants even in a dark room, and it will also give you ease being able to see them throughout the night.

3. Range Of Motion:

While this may not be important for same, having some range of motion in a camera is quite useful, especially as your babies get bigger and begin to explore their surroundings by crawling or walking.

Being able to zoom in to get a closer look of your babies is also a benefit that shouldn't be taken for granted, especially for times when you're just too tired to even take a peek.

4. Power Source:

Make sure to get baby monitors that have back up sources for power. Having the option of plugging into a wall unit when batteries are out is substantial. It's also important to be able to use batteries as an option in case of a power outage.

5. Other Features:

There are many other features you can consider such as talk back options, lens options, portability, and expandability. You should also consider the size and weight of the monitor itself, as you're likely to carry it around at some point during the day.

Final Thought

Choosing the best baby monitor for your twins should come easier with these guidelines and reviews. While there are many baby monitors in the market, it helps to compare features of different ones to see which one satisfies your needs the most.

After all, your babies' good health and safety should be top of the priority list. Having the best baby monitor will not only do this for your infants, but it will also give you the best peace of mind that fits in a tiny high-resolution screen. Happy shopping!

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