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Best Baby Beach Tents In 2021 - Reviews & Guide By Expert!

Best Baby Beach Tents In 2021 – Reviews & Guide By Expert!

You want to spend the day at the beach with the kids without worrying about sunburns or privacy. The best baby beach tents are the perfect investment. These tents great shelters from the sun, wind, and rain. They stay in place with sand bags or pegs. UV rated polyester fabric protects kids from the sun's harmful rays. Fiberglass or stainless-steel poles provide support for all the top brands. I recommend these easy to set up, small and light tents that are easy to carry. Their light weight and easy setup make them perfect for almost anything. Go anywhere with these tents, they fit in checked baggage. Many are big enough for adults or kids. Most have inside storage pockets for convenience. All are perfect play areas for kids.

Baby Beach Tents - Comparison

Best Baby Beach Tents Reviews:

1. WolfWise Easy Pop Up Beach Tent

WolfWise Easy Pop Up Beach Tent Review

This cute little tent comes packs into a flat white semi-circle, making it so easy to carry. It opens at both ends for airflow. It pops up and folds in just seconds. It has a carrying case.

It is made of 190T polyester and galvanized frames of steel for long lasting and consistently good quality allows it to stand in windy conditions.

It comes with stakes and sand pockets for stability. The bottom extends from the tent in a semi-circle so you and your kids have extra room to sit. This package tucks away inside luggage or carries. The beach tent has a huge front and rear doors available, and UV rated polyester fabric protects from the direct ultra violet rays causing the sun burns as it allows roughly 4% of UV radiation to pass through it.

And also the silver coated tend reflects the sunlight. Side windows provide extra airflow and visibility. Stability comes from four sandbags along with tie down ropes. Convenient entry and exit due to double pull sliders.

Storage pockets below each window that can be used to keep small items, and sand pockets that are filled with sand to make the tent more firm on the ground while on the beach. The Wolfwise shelter is perfect for almost any event People bring them to family BBQ's, beach parties, sporting events and more.

Important Features:

  • Folds up small, easy to carry and store
  • Both ends open up for air circulation, visibility, and access
  • Tie down ropes give added stability
  • Comes with a carrier bag
  • Good air conditioning
  • Extending floor mat
  • Folds up small, easy to carry and store
  • Spacious
  • Comes with hooks to fix on the ground

Verdict: This tent is a favorite because it is small and portable and has plenty of room. The extra stability is a plus.

OutdoorMaster Pop Up Beach Tent Review

Set up in seconds, no assembly required. The outdoor master tent is SPF 50+ rated to block UV rays. Made of durable polyester in an attractive blue color.

Full privacy curtains and a zippered door allow it to double as a portable changing room or privacy screen.

This cool tent is fun to play in and great for any event. Have pegs that prevent the wind from blowing the tent away and therefore ideal for summer and light camping and sunny days at the beach. The floor extends in front. The outer screen is 3000 mm waterproof nylon. This tent offers protection from the wind or light rain. Breeze inlet allows free air circulation.

Metal stakes for tougher grass areas and plastic stakes for the beach and soft grass ropes and five sand bags to enable easy fixture of the tent on the ground and provides extra stability. Packaging dimensions: 37 x 8 inches, weight: 8.15 pounds. The small size makes it perfect for travel, storage, and carrying. The tent have storage pockets for keeping small items. Have two pull sliders for a convenient entry and exit.

Important Features:

  • Built in zippered door for privacy
  • Assembly free quick pop up tent
  • Rain and wind resistant
  • Stakes and sand bags for stability
  • Folds up small, easy to carry and store
  • Fits more than one child
  • SPF protection
  • Great for privacy
  • Easy to carry and spacious

Verdict: This tent is loved for its privacy, and it pays for itself in saved umbrella rental fees.

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent Review

Pacific breeze is the attractive and durable tent for all needs. This lightweight beach tent provides protection from sun, rain, and wind.

Easy to set up and also bring down. The high quality construction which is wide as that king size bed or more accommodates a young family of two adults and two kids.

The size 87x47x49 provides a spacious interior for camping or play. The extra tall design allows plenty of standing or sitting room. Easy up Hub System is an industry leading design. It provides the fastest setup and takes down on the market today. Lightweight fiberglass frame for long lasting and waterproof PE floor make it perfect for the outdoors.

Ultraviolet Protection Factor UPF 50+ fabric offers protection from the UV rays. lt is spacious and has interior pockets for putting for storing personal small items. It is made of fiber glass frame thus long lasting. Made of polyester keeping the inner shelter dry and makes it very easy to clean.

The waterproof floor helps to easily put up the bench tent provides a convenient outdoor access. Plenty of windows allow for ventilation. It has internal storage pockets for convenience. It comes with stakes and sand pockets for stability. Take advantage of a one-year warranty and a convenient support contact system.

Important Features:

  • Fastest set up
  • Large enough for kids or families
  • Extra storage
  • One year warranty
  • Great stability for its size
  • Carrying bag
  • Extra large size
  • Lightweight
  • Good air conditioning

Verdict: This design is impressive and allows for large family gatherings. It is recommended because of its easy setup and one year warranty.

Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade Review

The Coleman day tripper provides shade and privacy for the beach or the sidelines. Take it to the beach or the kids' game.

The front awning provides shade. The privacy door makes clothing changes simple.

It comes with sand bags to provide stability when the wind blows and keeps the shades in place. Extendable floor mat provides extra seating room. Tall 4'9" center height is perfect for play.  The tent has a versatile back which converts into a door or a window, due to this feature the tent is well air conditioned. This also provides a convenient exit and entry. Made of polyester that protects the under shelter from the rain.

Compared to some products, this shade structure makes battling the sun unnecessary. Just set up, have fun and store it away. The Coleman fits in luggage for any trip. Lightweight 7.36 lb. construction makes traveling a breeze. Also, comes with a one-year warranty. Coleman is a big name in the tent industry with many years of expertise.

Important Features:

  • Plenty of room for adults and kids
  • Zippered doors allow privacy for changing
  • Front awning for extra shade
  • Sun blocking protection
  • Versatile go anywhere tent
  • Light weight
  • Spacious
  • Storage space
  • Provides privacy

Verdict: This is a general purpose, go anywhere tent made by an industry leader in camping supplies.

Pacific Play Tents Lil Nursery Review

The Lil nursery is the perfect dome tent for infants. The short compact design makes storage so convenient. It measures 36"x36"x36" set up.

The attractive compact design is perfect for beach, park or back yard. Easily take this tent on flights. Just pack it in checked luggage.

The pacific play series comes in a multitude of adorable colors and themes for your infant. Keep your baby safe and content at the beach with one of these tents. It is a safe place to watch your baby whether at the beach, park, backyard or lake. The doom shape allows the baby to move about play and relax.

The polyethylene floor is completely washable. Make the baby's first camping experience fun and safe. This one is vibrant yellow and purple. All tents are tiny and light making them a breeze to carry. The mesh windows and door keeps sand and large bugs out. It was made for infants.

Features include durable, 190T polyester taffeta fabric with a waterproof floor, two mesh sidewalls and a mesh roll-up door for ample air circulation and allows the baby to relax comfortably and the baby to play in clear visibility. Includes carry bag. It is made up of the Ultra Violet treated garment that protects the baby's sensitive skin from the harmful rays and sun burns.

Important Features:

  • Infant and toddler "me" space
  • Polyester fabric and waterproof floor
  • Mesh panels for ventilation
  • Easy viewing windows
  • Loaf of bread size storage
  • Great for infants and toddlers
  • Windows for circulation
  • Mesh door for sand and insect protection

Verdict: This is the smallest tent reviewed and is absolutely made for babies.

Schylling UV Play Shade Review

Attractive go anywhere kids play tent for almost any event. This tent comes in blue and yellow. The SPF 50+ material of the play shade protects your infants from the sun. 

It is big enough for multiple toddlers to enjoy the outdoors. The sun shade has an open front for breeze on hot days. 

Schilling is a world leader in toys. Made of polyester that is easy to clean and waterproof in case it starts to shower. This tent offers the highest UV rating of 50+ protection. Pops up in seconds and easy to close it down and fits in any travel bag making it portable. The mesh window that can be easily rolled up for air circulation.

It's designed to have sand bags which offer stability and avoid tent being blown away by the wind and rain while on the beaches, it has the tie pegs which helps it to anchor firmly on the ground. No connection of parts is required. It is only enough to house multiple sleeping toddlers. It can act as a play pen for the kids while the parents or guardians are busy or away and also feeding area.

Important Features:

  • Highest UV rating
  • Patented pop-up design for quick set up
  • Suitable for use in any environment
  • Plenty of stability for wind
  • Zippered mesh for security and protection
  • Good air ventilation
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Easy to set up

Verdict: This is a go anywhere tent for kids and offers the best UV protection

Benefits Of Using A Baby Beach Tent

A good beach tent will reduce the risk of sunburn, heat stroke, rashes insect bites and other common beach complaints. Beach tents can provide enough shade to protect waist heat related illness.Below are the some benefits of beach tents:

  • It protects the little ones from the sun: As it not advised to apply sunscreen ointment on infant skin due to its sensitivity, a beach tent will be ideal as it provides the baby with shade and protection from harmful sun rays which causes the sun burn. It would also cut down some little coins needed to be spent on sunscreen lotions.
  • Playpen for babies and toddlers: lt gives the baby "'me" time and a safe ample space to play when the parents are away or occupied. This can also avoid the dangers encountered at home such as kids burning.
  • It's a shied from the weather: Gives the young ones an area to relax play and sleep peacefully without the fear of direct harmful rays or incase it starts drizzling.
  • Lined: This helps the baby from coming into direct contact with the sand. And prevents contact with harmful animals or germs causing diseases save the parents the hustle of bringing with them towels to their beach.
  • Sleeping area: Tents are safe place for the baby to sleep relaxes free from destruction from winds, heavy storms and insects. Tents help the young ones to nap comfortably with good air vents. As most tents can zip up thus prevent sand being blown over them in case of a storm.
  • Privacy: The tents provide the moms a room to seclude themselves in case they want to change their baby's clothes and also to breastfeed the toddlers.

Buying Baby Beach Tents - Things to Consider

Before buying a baby beach tents for your kids you need to consider many aspects. Below we have tried to mention some of the important consideration. These are:

1. Ventilation:

A baby beach tent should be air conditioning breathable to the infant especially when you place your child for a nap ensures the baby does not suffocate or overheat. Consider the availability of mesh up windows zip up doors that you can leave a small air for ventilation and also air regulation in case of bad odors.

2. Portable:

A beach tent should be lightweight, to be able to carry it from one place to another in cases such as moving around or anywhere needed. A beach tent should have things such as carrier bags to avoid bulkiness easy to transport and store.

3. Easy assembly:

Not complicated set up, easy to put up the structure in few seconds and also putting it down and not time-consuming. Get something that is easy to follow simple instructions and has few steps and does not need more than two people or the whole family to set up to calm the eager kids.

4. Firm:

The tent should be sturdy on the ground. You can test the tent at your home backyard to confirm its firmness before leaving for vacation or beach. Should have sand pockets pegs and rope to anchor the tent firmly to the in both kinds of ground either the tough grass or on the sand to avoid being blown away by the wind and can withstand oceans breeze.

5. Compatibility:

Apart from also being lightweight shop for a model that's easy to stow and carry, like those having carrying bags or the roll up features to occupy a minimal space.

6. Protection:

As we all know that light can travel through any material, therefore, it is advice to consider tent that has the correct material such as UPF 50+ fabric to offer protection to the baby from harmful sun rays and made from polyester to keep the inner side dry of the tent dry in case of rains or ocean waves.

7. Floor:

Consider one that has a floor this helps you not to come along with additional materials such as towels in case you need to lay down your little one for a nap. The floor should also be waterproof to avoid absorption of surface water and also avoid direct contact with sand.

Final Thought:

There are many styles and types of tents to choose from. If you have a small baby or toddler you may prefer the Lil' Nursery. A small family has many choices. We recommend a versatile tent with a warranty.

For the large family gathering, the Pacific Breeze is a great pick. If you do the research, you can find the baby beach tent you will love. However, the above six beach tent will make your kid's summer or beach vacation to be more fun, enjoyable and relaxing. I can't wait for the next summer season or vacation to take my kiddos. Happy shopping!

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