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Best Triple Stroller For 2021 - Top Models Reviewed!

Best Triple Stroller For 2021 – Top Models Reviewed!

Parenting triplets or three children of young ages can preoccupy you to a point of isolation, making you feel overwhelmed and helpless. That is why of the items in the babies’ shopping list, the best triple strollers should be top on the list. Whereas it is not always given to get a good stroller, I have simplified the search for you by giving this profound review that zeroes in on the best six of the best.

It presents strollers which you should look out for not just to get value for your money, but also to serve you well for a long time. A triple stroller that will meet your needs – and those of your tots – has specific features which this review has carefully brought out for your attention.

Our Selected Six Trip Strollers Comparisons!

Best Triple Stroller Reviews:

You won’t have any trouble finding triple strollers for sale, especially if you’re searching online. The trouble is determining which one is the best or most suitable for you and your triplets. So to spare you the trouble, here’s a list of some of the top quality triple strollers around.

Foundations The Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller Review - best triple strollers

Along with the joy and responsibilities that come with triplets or young children whose ages are close, you will be pleased with what this stroller offers.

It is sturdy and therefore designed to serve you satisfactorily for a long time. Due to its durability, daycare providers love it. 

It offers ample room to cater for the growing children. This stroller will give you the freedom to resume your active lifestyle all at a decent price. It comes with a limited warranty of one year.

Makes Your Life Easy:

Once you easily assemble this stroller, you will realize it is made to make your life manageable. The stroller weighs 34 pounds and can carry a maximum weight of 50 pounds per child. With a total weight of 184 pounds, the stroller still folds down just as easily. It is easy to maneuver considering that it has an ergonomic handle.

This type of handle is adjustable depending on the parent’s height. Hence, it caters to the short and tall parents alike. The tall ones do not need to stoop to reach the handle; the short ones will not need to kick the stroller to propel it. These handles minimize strain on your back or shoulders.

Expect A Choir From The Riders:

When the riders in the stroller begin singing or gurgling, it is because their ride is delightful. What else would you expect when all seats can recline for a cozy snooze! The seats can also be adjusted to an upright position allowing the riders to enjoy the full view ahead.

Furthermore, the foam-filled tires are made of rubber further guaranteeing that smooth ride. The canopies are large enough to keep the dangerous ultraviolet rays at bay, coupled with other harsh weather elements such as cold wind.

Safety Is Assured:

Controls have been put in place to ensure a safe ride for you and the children. The stroller has a foot brake which when engaged, paralyzes the strollers’ movement to a halt. The fear of frequent flat-tires is dealt with by the foam-filled tires which do not have this problem.

The trio is safely buckled up for the ride while seated on the raised seats. The size of the stroller is sufficiently conspicuous for visibility while walking across various streets. This quality makes the stroller very safe for use.

Important Benefits:

  • Ergonomic handle for easy maneuverability
  • Constructed of durable tubing
  • Perfect for child 40 pounds each with differently sized
  • Rear storage for keeping accessories
  • Fit through standard doorways
  • Adjustable five-point harness
  • Rubberized foam wheels
  • Large canopy
Obaby Mercury Triple Stroller Review

This side by side stroller relieves you of the pressure to solely entertain your trio. With the three looking at one another, complete with the awaiting adventure ahead, they are good to go.

Moreover, each stroll will always be a bonding opportunity, fostering healthy relationships in the long run.

All this and more is packaged at a very affordable price. It has a generous five-year guarantee subject to terms and conditions outlined.

Children’s Comfort Comes First:

The three do not have to fight over specific seats because each will enjoy an equal vantage point. Each child is strapped individually and safely on his or her seat with the five-point harnesses that are adjustable. The seats can also be reclined individually in various positions. This advantage caters to each child’s napping needs. All the seats have footrests whose function is two-fold: leg support and comfort.

The footrests can be adjusted as the children’s needs grow from birth up to when they are 33 lbs. This promises you long-term service. The seats are padded for extra comfort during the ride. The three canopies are large and adjustable. They provide the necessary protection against weather elements such as the wind and the sun’s rays on the children’s sensitive skin.

Along with the canopy, is a rain cover that shields the children from the rain. With this stroller, bumpy rides are a thing of the past. The reason behind this is the suspension on the front wheels which will offer a smooth glide to the tots.

Maneuverable All The Way:

With the lightweight frame made of aluminum, pushing this stroller is painless irrespective of the maximum weight of the trio (99.2 lbs) plus that of the stroller (48.4 lbs). The swivel and lockable wheels also make steering the stroller a piece of cake.

The ergonomic handles can reach a height length of 38.1 inches. This accommodates the height needs of tall and short parents as well. They also facilitate smooth and effortless navigation. Each seat contains a large storage basket which you can use to keep each child’s necessities as well as other essentials.

Important Benefits:

  • Five-point harness
  • Seat Can be reclined
  • Footrests for all seats
  • Large Adjustable canopies
  • Ergonomic handlebar
  • Storage basket for each seats
Joovy Big Caboose Graphite Stand On Triple Stroller Review

The design of this stroller, simply put, will captivate you and your children. It has three seats arranged like stadium seats with the front seat placed lower than the one immediately behind it.

The rear seat is available for an older child. A standing base in the same area is also provided for a fun ride for an older child.​

The older child literally towers over the other two seats when in the standing position. This seat arrangement enables the trio to get a fair share of the view in front of them. Don’t be surprised when you get long envious stares from onlookers: some of whom are pushing strollers as well. This stroller has a two-year warranty from the date of its purchase.

It’s About The Trio:

The two front seats have the five-point harnesses and the rear one has a three-point harness. These promise uncompromised safety to the passengers on board. The two front seats can recline, for extra relief when the children are dozing. The footrests are adjustable because the stroller is made to adapt to the children’s height growth changes in their formative years.

An older child can enjoy the ride while seated in the rear seat or standing on the platform. This gives the older child a sense of maturity over the others.
Even children need trays. The trays allow the children to enjoy their childhood by eating snacks and playing with their toys on it. The canopies are large protecting the children from the uncomfortable weather.

Jaw-dropping Features:

This stroller has an enormous basket to contain your children’s essentials assuming that each item occurs in threes, and yours have not been included yet. Regardless of its 32.3 lbs weight, the stroller has a capacity to carry a maximum weight of 125 lbs because it is sturdy and yet, feels light.

The wheels have sealed bearings which provide durability and a smooth ride in all kinds of terrain. This stroller will be your vehicle for a good length of time with this feature. The front wheels swivel for ease of navigation. They can equally be locked for better control.

The stroller has parking brakes which are linked and easy to engage. With one push, both rear wheels get locked securely. Unpleasant eventualities of strollers that stray are eliminated.

Important Benefits:

  • Two front seats accommodate children 6+ months and up to 40 lbs
  • Rear bench seat and standing platform accommodates a child from 2.5+ years and up to 45 lbs
  • Two car seat adapters included
  • Perfect for twins and toddler, triplets and or three young children
  • Max weight 125 lbs for three childrens
  • Two child trays and linked parking brake and large storage basket
  • Front seats with two-position recline
  • Adjustable footrests
Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller Review

This stroller is for you if you are looking for style. Purchasing this stroller additionally sends a very categorical statement about your parenthood: that you want the best for your babies.

This product has a two-year warranty from the date it was purchased.

From The Riders’ Seat:

Each child is safely buckled up with the five-point harnesses. These buckles prevent the child from falling or slipping out of the stroller. Safety is paramount for each of them. The seats have bars across them combining comfort and safety. The seats have multiple recline positions because, at any given time of the ride, the trio will be either awake or asleep.

The stroller has footrests whose position can be adjusted to meet each child’s growing needs. Moreover, it has retractable canopies to shield the children from weather elements which would affect the ride negatively. Children up to a maximum of 44 lbs per child can fit well in the seat. On average, it takes four years for a baby to reach 44 lbs. This is how long the stroller will serve your child before he or she outgrows it.

The seats are padded to make them cosy. They can be positioned to face forwards with you at the back. They can also face the rear so that the children face you. When the children are still younger, less than 8 to 12 months, the rear-facing position is preferred for bonding with the child. The child also feels secure this way. The forward position is great with older children who are inquisitive about their surroundings.

Your Side Of The Bargain:

The handlebar is adjustable according to your height needs. You will be able to maintain a good posture while pushing the stroller. The swivel front wheels offer agility to maneuver across bends and turn easily. The stroller metal frame is strong, offering the stability required for a safe ride to and back home across various terrains. The stroller weighs 60.8 lbs.

Below the seats from the first to the last, is a long basket for your storage needs.  All the children’s accessories (and yours) can be kept here. A separate diaper bag accompanies the stroller as a bonus. Once you are done with the ride, the seats can be compactly folded making storage manageable.

Important Benefits:

  • Travel System compatible
  • Front wheels steering handlebar
  • Individual Pop-Up stroller seats and hoods for each child
  • Three stroller seats attach directly to the frame( ncluded)
  • Three Primo Viaggio car seats sold separately
  • Seats have reclining backrests, two-position footrests and can fold compactly
  • Seats may be positioned facing the front, or rear
Child Craft Sport Multi-Child Triple Stroller Review

Fancy and fairly priced is what you get with this stroller. Enjoying a warranty of one year.

This stroller has all the features you need for your three riders and yourself. This stroller has a two-year warranty.

It Is Safe:

The stroller has a five point harness which is adjustable. It fastens the riders firmly and snugly to the seats. There is no chance of the children slipping out of the stroller when you are looking elsewhere. This stroller has a braking system that is automatically activated upon the release of the handle. Such a system will stop your stroller from rolling away from you.

This can pose a great danger to the children in the stroller. Canopies on the stroller seats are unique. They are retractable shielding the riders from harmful weather. Up to a maximum weight of 40 lbs per child can be supported by the stroller. This is possible because this stroller has a strong frame.

It Makes Life Stress Free:

The seats are cushioned and can recline into positions comfortable for sleeping. They also have footrests for added comfort. An adjustable handlebar makes a stroller easy to navigate. This is what this stroller presents showing it can be used by people of varying heights. The foam wheels designed for this stroller are made of rubber. They are durable and suitable for all types of terrain.

These tires are shock absorbing, turning bumping rides into a smooth glide instead. Your trio will thank you for this! The front swivel wheels are lockable for ease of turning. They can also be locked for controlled navigation.The spacious storage basket beneath the seats is large enough to accommodate all the accessories you require to make your journey manageable.

Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll across the street or walking to the groceries, the basket will prove its importance. Your babies diaper bag, sweaters, and groceries will fit in it well. The stroller can be folded easily compactly for easy storage and transportation from one place to another even with its weight of 60 lbs.

Important Benefits:

  • Accommodates 3 children up to 40 pounds each
  • Sun-protection canopy
  • Folds easily and quickly
  • Stadium seating style
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Safe break system
Foundations Worldwide 3 Passenger Stroller

You are looking at a very durable stroller made of steel and strong fabric set to serve you for a long time.

This will grant you value for your money. It comes with a one-year warranty which is limited.

It Surpasses The Rest:

This is among the few strollers that can accommodate children of up to 50 lbs per seat. Each seat has a 5 point harness that keeps your loved ones from falling off the stroller. The general area where the children sit is spacious horizontally and vertically. This can only mean that it will last you for a number of years before your children outgrow it while it is still intact. The stroller has a brake system that reinforces safety.

One of the reasons that cause strollers to stray away from is the parent forgetting to engage the brakes upon stopping. This stroller addresses this need with the brake system which is automatically engaged the moment a parent’s hands are on the handlebar. When the parent resumes strolling, the handle disengages the brake automatically. In addition to this, there is a parking brake for extra caution.

It Gets Better:

The stroller’s wheels are large providing a two-fold advantage. You will find it easy to navigate on the one hand, and your babies will find the ride smooth on the other. The front swivel wheels which are also lockable turn easily, giving you an upper hand in navigating the stroller. Strollers need to be folded so as to lift them easily and put them away in the car or for storage inside the house. This stroller folds very easily in a manner that is very compact, thus saving on storage space.

Ultraviolet rays are known to cause skin cancer and other eye damages. Consequently, this stroller is built with one big canopy that shields children from such dangers. The basket underneath the stroller is very large. It is intentionally designed thus to carry both the children’s and your essentials.

Important Benefits:

  • Safe Brake system
  • Each seat has 5 point safety harness
  • Accommodates 3 children up to 50 pounds per seat
  • Stroller folds easily
  • Large sun canopy andlarge storage baskets

Things To Consider Before Buying Triple Stroller

Other than what your budget will allow, there are various other considerations that should be put in place prior to purchasing a triple strollers.

1. Safety Features:

Safety of the child is paramount. Injuries and deaths that are stroller related have been reported over the past years. Thus, the following should be considered.

i. 5 point harness: This will protect the child from moving, slipping or falling out of the stroller. The child should not be able to unfasten the harness.
ii. Brakes: Foot brakes and hand brakes lock the wheels from being in motion. A braking system that is automatically engaged when motion stops is an additional safety precaution.
iii. Canopy: This will protect the child from ultraviolet rays from the sun, wind and other unfavorable weather elements.

2. Usability:

The stroller should be easy to use. Right from assembling the stroller, pushing it and folding it back for storage, it should be easy. This is made possible when the following are addressed.

i. The weight of the stroller: Some strollers are so heavy to push that you end up with back pain over time. A recommended stroller should feel lightweight when pushed. The weight should be manageable to carry out of the car or up the stairs if you reside in an apartment.
ii. Size of the stroller: Some strollers are too long to be maneuvered easily especially when the spaces are narrow and crowded. Others are too wide to fit into a standard door measurements.
iii. The handlebars: Adjustable handlebars are recommended as they can be adjusted depending on one’s height.
iv. Easy to fold: A good stroller should fold compactly and remain in that position until unfolded. Strollers which fold in an upright position are easier to store.

3. Wheels:

The types of wheels affect the quality of the ride. There are different types of tires. They include tires with ball bearings, plastic tires, rubber tires, pneumatic tires and tube tires. The rule of the thumb is, the larger the tires, the smoother the ride. These tires offer varying degrees of comfort especially on bumpy roads with plastic tires providing the least comfort unless rode on smooth surfaces.

4. Suspension:

Most strollers have suspension on either the front or rear wheels. These are good enough for a smooth ride even on uneven terrains.

5. Seats:

The seats should be cushioned for a comfortable ride. They should be able to be reclined into upright and flat positions depending on whether the baby is awake or asleep. The seat should also have a foot rest for further comfort.

6. Extras:

Along with the basic features of a stroller should be a basket for storing items such as diaper bags. Large baskets are preferred. Strollers that offer a rain or storm cover are also good for all kinds of weather. Moreover, strollers with parent organizers that have drink and snack holders, trays, a place to keep your keys, iPad and such like have a competitive edge.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, the review presented proves that your life need not come to a grinding halt because of the demands of raising three children. The triple stroller comes with promising aspects to make your life and those of your children more enjoyable despite a busy schedule. With this stroller, you can still run your errands as you keep an eye on the young ones, and enjoy the outdoors simultaneously. As a bonus, you will bond more with the children. They too will enjoy one another’s company in the process of the ride. Please note that the ride alone is not enough to maximize a healthy relationship with the children. You are encouraged to talk to the children as you push the stroller. This will make every ride a learning encounter.

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