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Best Double Stroller Review And Guide In 2021 -Top 12 Models Compared!

Best Double Stroller Review And Guide In 2021 -Top 12 Models Compared!

Want to take your children out? Either on a walk in the park, jogging to keep fit in the morning or even going on a trip. Then having a best double stroller is a must. A stroller is a hand pushed vehicle to carry babies and young children. They are built with enclosed sides and some even have in built music systems for the baby. When you are blessed with twins or have children who are of almost the same age then a double stroller is what you need.

These double strollers can be side to side strollers or tandem strollers. Having a kid while the first one is not yet old enough or having twins is an exciting experience. Double strollers aid you in bringing up your little ones with ease of moving. I have reviewed some of best rated double stroller in the market and highly recommend them; this choice is yours to pick that meets your taste and preference.

The side to side strollers allow the children to interact. On the other hand, tandem strollers are more compact and maneuverable. These double strollers will help manage your two babies easily. When thinking of your child, quality comes first before anything. There are many factors to consider and make sure the stroller you buy is safe for your children. How then would you be able to make the right choice and buy the best stroller in the market?

Reading the double stroller reviews equips you with the all the information you need to buy the right double stroller for your child. It also helps budget your finances and spends the money wisely on quality. Manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the strollers available by changing designs and improving innovations. This is to make life easier for the parent and make the child comfortable. Hence many double strollers are finding themselves in the market every day.

Best Double Stroller Reviews

Without further ado, here are top Double Strollers. I’ve included the most pertinent information in the reviews below so you’ll know what to expect from each one.

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller with Second Seat Review - best double strollers - best double stroller

Want a stroller for your growing family? I recommend baby jogger city select with 2nd seat. The second stroller of the double stroller is the same size as a single stroller. 

This will enable you to move about in narrow and crowded places. It has a narrow and nimble design for walk in the grocery store and sidewalk.

The seat offers many recline positions to make your child safe and comfortable. The canopy of the double stroller offers protection for the baby from the sun rays. It also has a peek window to enable you to check on your child time from time. The canopy can also be adjusted to different head heights and many positions as you open close it. The wheels of the stroller can be locked for long distance strolling.

The air rear tires allow the parent to cover many different kinds of terrains. The handlebar can adjust to your height to allow for easy strolling, The hand operated brake also helps in controlling the stroller. The stroller gives support of a rubber wheel without having to worry about popping flat. This is made possible by the foam-filled tires. The stroller enables the children to sit fold up. It is super easy to steer and push while out with the children.

The babies love the seats of the stroller. This because you can recline the seats to whatever angle the child loves. The seat can be turned SC the child faces the mother. The roomy basket below the seats is nice for the parent to store all the baby essentials. The stroller can be used for up to 6 months making it a good value for money for the parent.

 The stroller has included a second seat kit that allows you to transform the baby jogger city select stroller into a double stroller without having a wide double stroller. You can use the stroller for a single child in the upper position. If you decide to use it for twins or two children close in age you will be needed to purchase a second seat. The second seat comes with the mounting bracket needed to convert your stroller from a single to a double stroller.

The stroller has a quick fold technology making it the only stroller to fold flat in one simple step. The strollers are designed with parents in mind and the comfort of their children. This is to help the parents and their children go to more places and see many things. This stroller serves just that purpose.


  • Very versatile
  • Comfortable for the child
  • Lockable front wheels
  • Large canopy
  • Has a peek window to check the child time from time
  • Canopy can be adjusted to different positions and heights
  • Can be able to pass in narrow spaces
  • The seat has many recline positions


  • Lack enough space
  • Expensive
  • It is heavy
Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller Review

Love a double stroller easy to maneuver? Joovy scooter X2 double stroller comes with an array of different colors.

These colors include red, blueberry, black. The double stroller can also fit easily through the doors. 

This means you can easily navigate through shopping mall doors and home doors easily without the need to fold it up.

This makes it easy to always have your babies by your side. I recommend this double stroller as the wheels are bigger and better. They are sealed and have bearings in the front and the back giving it a smooth ride with easier maneuverability. The double front wheels create a strong foundation and offer extra stability while carrying your babies.

The storage of the stroller is awesome because it has pockets in each seat for toys and snacks. The pockets are zipped and have two beverage holders. It has the largest canopy to protect the babies from harmful elements like sun, dust, and wind. The seats of this double stroller recline independently and all the way down to a flat position for the babies to sleep.

It has a removable bumper and the 5-point straps help keep children safe at all time. The seats of this double stroller can hold up to 45 lbs child each. It has very good looks and high-quality materials for the comfort of the children at all times. It is pocket-friendly making it affordable for many parents. It has a large peep hole through which the parent can keep watch on the children.

The undercarriage storage is big enough. This helps the parent carry all the baby essentials along. The stroller has great paddling and the blue is so beautiful. The stroller is easy to put together, smooth and collapses very easily and fairly flat. The stroller can also be steered with one hand. The stroller can be pushed along by a single parent.

This means for the busy families they don't need to employ someone to help them take care of the baby since the mum or dad can easily do it on his/her own. The side by side seats helps the kids interact more and have a better connection as they grow up. The fabric of the seat is easily cleaned helping you keep the stroller ever clean and able to provide the best environment for the child. One of the best strollers that I would highly recommend to parents as it will give them great service.


  • Vibrant colors
  • Fit through any door
  • Independent reclining adjustable seats
  • Has a graphite frame
  • Has rear brakes
  • Large canopy for protection
  • Huge storage
  • Keeps the children safe at all the time
  • Pockets ate zipped


  • Heavy to load in the car
  • Expensive
  • Not durable for a long time
Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller Review

Love the comfort of your child? I suggest you get a contours option elite tandem stroller. This stroller has very good comfort and adjustability for the children.

This is because it has seven seating positions. It has a universal car seat adapter that can fit in many different cars.

The stroller is easy to fold with both seats attached to the stroller. The stroller can auto lock and stand on its own. The seat styles can be changed into facing each other and make you have a wonderful view. The seats have tall seat backs and adjustable footrests to enable the babies to be comfortable. The weight limit of the children is 80 pounds and can be used with children of 2 to 4 years old.

The stroller has a variety of colors to choose from. The colors are stylish and fun. It has storage baskets to store food and toys that you may need for the child. The stroller is functional and provides a great investment. The stroller can fold without taking off the wheels. It is very important for pregnant women.

This is because the stroller has the options to take the seats off so as to make it lighter. It gives both the children more room for their legs and head. All the room in the basket allows even for the parent to place their coats and bags in it. The parent can recline the seat to allow the baby to sleep while he/she shops. The stroller includes a car seat adapter that accommodates most infant car seats on the market that are over twenty different models.

It only weighs 33.8 pounds with both seats on making it very lightweight. It has a wonderful seating style for a better view. The seats have six different seating options so that the children can share tender moments with the parent. They can also explore their surroundings and have their own play session. It makes the babies very comfortable with seats that recline independently.

The stroller has three different positions for the legs to rest. When facing each other the children have plenty of space between them making them comfortable as they share their moments. The stroller serves well with the height of different parents. This is stroller I suggest for all the parents out there as it will not fail them. It is worth the price.


  • Universal adapter
  • Offer superior comfort
  • The stroller can auto lock
  • Has a large storage system
  • Available in many stylish colors
  • The seats can be changed into facing each other
  • Available in many stylish colors
  • The stroller can stand on its own


  • Not easy to place in the car
  • The stroller is not very durable
Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Review

Want a stroller that grows with your stroller? Baby jogger city select stroller is your choice. This stroller grows with your family and is very versatile.

It is the only convertible stroller you will get in the market. The stroller allows the parent to create a custom system.

It can become a double stroller with sixteen different unique combinations using second seat bassinets and seat adapters. The stroller is designed to grow with the family from one child to two or even three children. The base stroller comes with the frame and one seat. It has the complete strolling solution and gives the parent endless accessory options.

The stroller is easy to move about It helps you go to the grocery stores, to the streets, to subway and even to the parks or zoo. The handlebar of the stroller adjusts to the parent height which is a good feature as it will serve parents of different heights. The handbrakes help keep all the controls within reach for the best safety of the child.

When the sides of the stroller are lifted the stroller folds itself in a very simple way and very compactly. This will help mostly the pregnant mothers. The stroller is easy to in the trunk of the car or even on the bus when using public transport. The wheels are lightweight and are set to swivel for easy movement in narrow areas. The wheels can also be locked for long distance travel. The rear wheels are 12 inches and filled with air which will allow the stroller to cover all kinds of terrains.

The seats are made for comfort of the child and can handle 45 pounds each. They have many positions for the child to place their feet. The canopy of the stroll & is great and offers a lot of shade. It also has a peek a boo window which allows the parent to check on the babies from time to time. The canopy can also be adjusted for different head heights and many positions as you open and close it. The wheels of the stroller make very great turns.

The basket underneath is amazingly awesome. It holds everything the baby needs plus some items for the parent. It is slim and fits through standard doorways and even some walkways making it great for the parent to move with the child around. The stroller is also compact and stores easily. One of the best double strollers that I would recommend to most parents for it is worth the money.


  • The stroller has a car seat adapter
  • Child tray and liquid holster cup
  • Large canopy
  • Cooler bag and carry bag
  • Weather shield
  • Adjustable handlebar


  • Expensive
  • A bit long
  • Does not fold easily
Jogger 2014 City Mini GT Double Stroller Review

Love a multi terrain strolling stroller? Then baby jogger 2014 city mini GT double stroller is the right choice. The stroller can cover multi terrains making it one of the best in the market for parents who love jogging.

The tires make it perfect for every day excursions in urban jungle and weekend adventures in the off the beaten paths.

It is very easy to use and the side by side design allows the babies to interact very well and comfortably. The stroller has a quick fold technology with a removable auto lock to keep the stroller closed when folded. This is very good as it helps the parent able to store the stroller in the trunk of the car. It can also be able to be stored in the buses when using the public transport. It has an accessory mounting bracket.

It has a hand operated braking system that helps to keep the safety of the baby well and first all the time. The handle bar is adjustable to the heights of all parents. This is most important because it does not limit its use to some parents but serves all of them equally well. It has sealed bearings and the tires are filled with air which makes it great to navigate the different terrains you will find yourself in.

The front wheel can be suspended and have dual lockable swivel front wheels for long distance strolling. The seats have supportive plush padded seats. They can recline to almost a flat position that allows the children to have a good nap while strolling. They also have a vented seat tops to increase airflow within the stroller keeping the child comfortable always. The stroller is retractable.

The seats have a longer foot to accommodate taller children hence making them suitable for many parents and children. The seats are also roomy allowing the children to ample space to interact and place their feet well without any problems. The individually adjustable sun canopies with a peek a boo windows. The canopies protect the babies from the sun wind and dust. The window allows the parent to keep feet well without any problems.

The canopies protect the babies from the sun wind and dust. The window allows the parent to keep watch over the children from time to time. The seats also have an adjustable five point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover. This keeps the babies safe all the time and the parents can stop worrying about the children safety. It is easy to access to the under seat basket. This basket is large enough to store the babies' essentials that they need during the strolling.

The basket has space for the parents to keep some of their items too. It also has back storage compartments that offer storage space also The stroller features car parking breaks for the safety of the child. The stroller is all terrain strolling with all the safety and style a parent would require. The maximum weight capacity of the stroller is 100 pounds which make it easy for the parent to use over a long period of time.


  • All terrain stroller
  • Ample storage space
  • Large adjustable canopy
  • Seats can recline to flat position
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Has smooth ride
  • Air wheels
  • Hand operated breaks


  • Expensive
  • Not easy to store
  • A bit bulky than other stroller
Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller Review

Love versatility? I recommend the Graco ready grow click connect lx stroller. The stroller has two riding options for the two children from infant to youth.

This makes it great for the parent to use the stroller for a longer period. The stroller is built to make getting out and about with the children easy and enjoyable.

It accepts two infant car seats making it feel like having two baby strollers in one. The baby stroller is very versatile. It offers twelve different riding options that can accommodate the two lithe babies. This means you can see the babies face as you stroll to keep an eye on them and have more interaction. The babies can also be left to go enjoying the surroundings.

The double stroller is made to help the babies have a very smooth ride. It has two lockable front wheels with suspension. This gives wonderful movement and enables the parent to make turns with ease. The rear seat can be removed to give easier access to the bench seat and a standing platform. It has a face rear time seat so you can enjoy more interaction with the child while the parent is strolling.

The stroller offers very good comfort to the child. It has multi-position reclining seats that can recline almost to a flat position. This will the child take a nap for a long time when strolling. The seats are also easy to adjust so the parent can find the most comfortable position for the child. The stroller has an easy on hand fold so that the mum and the dad can fold the stroller without having to bend over. This is great for pregnant women.

The stroller is self-standing and has a convenient storage latch. This makes it easier for the parent to store the stroller in the car trunk or in the bus with ease. It helps the parent to store all the baby essentials and also leave space for the parent to place some of his/her items. The front seat, bench seat and standing platform can hold a child up to 50 lbs. the rear seat can also hold a child up to 40 lbs.

The stroller has greater longevity which is really important for all the baby strollers. This is good since it will offer service to parent for a long period of time giving value to the money spent. The stroller has an extra large basket that can hold the essentials the baby needs, like the diaper bags, snacks, and small toys when you are going to stroll. The toddler bench seat also lifts up so that you can access the storage basket with ease.


  • The stroller has one hand standing fold
  • Parent tray and extra large basket
  • Toddler bench seat can lift for easy access to basket
  • Removable child tray
  • Lockable front wheels


  • Could be hard to maneuver for new user
  • Bulky
Maclaren Twin Triumph Review

Enjoy agile, lightweight performance plus travel convenience for two with the Twin Triumph Double Stroller from Maclaren.

Being a mother of two young kids you know what it takes to juggle around with them to quench their thirst for adventure and familiarizing themselves with the immediate environment. 

While most of the times you will be attending them individually, you can suffice them both, while making your errands around town using this double stroller. It is a perfect choice for your children and for mothers looking for a light, compact and easy to maneuver stroller. It is a two-handed fold, which you need to initiate with foot and automatically lacks up and stays put.

There is less to worry concerning it weight as it weighs just 23 lbs and easy to maneuver. It has two storage bins that easily let you keep your accessories in each may it be kids or your accessories. It also has two medium sized storing pouches in each canopy adding to its benefits. It features two large canopies that offer protection for your kids.

Canopies have panel zippers for visibility and ventilation. Compactly folds and easy to carry, it easily fits through standard doorways and features independent, fully adjustable padded seats. Safety is ensured with two 5 point safety harnesses. Its seats are front facing and are fully padded with a removable fabric that is machine washable. Its wheels have suspensions for smooth ride with front swivel wheels. Worry less for defaults as it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It has a leg rests for your kids to rest on
  • There are buttons to push their seats back or move in front
  • Makes a click sound when brakes are engaged
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Large storage space


  • Difficult to use harness and buckles
  • Seat backs do not recline flat
Graco Fastaction Fold Duo Click Connect Stroller Review

This is ultimate double stroller that you need to scroll easily with two children, up to 50 lbs each providing longer years of comfortable strolling.

It features a compact frame, which is slim and narrow, so it easily fits through doorways even with little ones so you are not restricted to get in some buildings as this is standard door width.

This lightweight double stroller accepts two Graco Click Connect infant car seats, seamlessly and securely connecting them with the included hideaway infant car seat adapter. Since the adapter is integrated, there are no additional pieces to purchase! For all on go moms, this stroller is an ultimate choice as it is one-second easy fold thus making it convenient for such moms allowing them to spend most of the times with their little ones.

It feature two multi-position seats that have a recline system which reclines independently from another seat for each child's comfort so choice of one kid does not affect other child's; this helps you find the right position for each child.

It has a lightweight sturdy frame which offers ease of portability for moms on go. Its wheels have suspensions that add to the stability of stroller and maneuverability giving you a smooth ride on most terrains. It has front swivel wheels that add to stability and rear wheels having parking brakes. When it comes to storing of accessories ranging from children's necessities to parent's you do not have to worry because it has two extra- large storage baskets that offer ample space for all storage essentials.

Keep your children happy while strolling with two pivoting cup holders that are included in stroller and are removable while not in use. It also has parent storage and cup holders allowing mom to carry all necessary essentials that she might be requiring for day out or for some shopping.

Your children are safely protected from the wind and bright rays with dual canopies that are large enough and with visors that adjust independently to keep your children shaded and with peek-a-boo windows so you will have some glimpse of your children while strolling.

Security of your kids is much valued with convertible three or five point safety harnesses with harness covers that provide comfort for your kids as they grow. It has a fern fashion and this green color is gender neutral and will be a right trend with the fun combination that is stylish.


  • It accepts two car seats
  • Includes attached adapters so nothing to replace
  • Easy to fold up
  • It is narrow enough to fit on most doorways
  • It is more compact than regular strollers


  • Plastic wheels negatively affects maneuverability
  • Poor protection from sun
Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller Review

This double stroller is perfect for your growing family for many years from infant to toddler to growing child. This sit N stand double stroller allows one child up front and one behind who can either sit or stand up just like mom and dad.

It is designed to accommodate for 2 toddlers weighing up to 50 pounds and allows your children to sit and stand on the platform that is located behind the back seat of the stroller.

This is ultimate double stroller that you need to scroll easily with two children, up to 50 lbs each providing longer years of comfortable strolling. It features a compact frame, which is slim and narrow, so it easily fits through doorways even with little ones so you are not restricted to get in some buildings as this is standard door width. The stroller accepts up to two Baby Trend Graco Snugride Classic Fits thus a perfect choice for a travel system

It has a reputation for being easy to dismantle with it folding down to a rather compact size for sake of storing it or putting it in your vehicle. It is equipped to safely secure with car seat attachment in front and rear facing seats of stroller. This is one for newborns and toddler aged children. It accepts one to two infant car seats making it for twins as well.

Storage is not a problem when it comes to this stroller as it has a large storage basket perfect for your babies diaper bags, toys or any other items that you might want to use in your rounds or that will add to the comfort of your child. You will get enough space for carrying things for your children. Moreover, it features a foot activated braking system that provides for easy and quick brake engagement which is also useful while packing during your rounds.

This stroller is a tandem one and features separate canopies for each child thus safety and comfort is much valued for each child and protection from wind and harmful rays and rear canopy and child tray are removable when older children are ready to ride along; removable or swing away child's tray& It is versatile and is able to accommodate many of items that you will need to use throughout day while traveling with your two little angels.

It also features covered parent trays with cup holders and a second child cup holder for standing or rear facing child, thus a parent can keep their phone, keys etc. If you are a family and probably expecting twins or you have two little kids, this stroller is a perfect choice for aiding you in bringing up your kids while conversant with their immediate environment.


  • The stroller is easy to assemble
  • It has a latch on its side to keep it neatly closed when folded
  • Rear platform thus toddlers can stand up
  • Rotating children's tray and cup holders thus parents can feed them
  • It is small and maneuvers easily in tight spaces


  • It is heavy and unsteerable with one hand
  • Lacks a backrest for rear seat
Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller Review

If you want to buy a stroller for infant and toddler this is the best choice for you. It is a perfect stroller for tall toddlers because it offers a rear bench seat for suck.

Moreover, younger kids are not left behind because there is also a seta for them. If you want to navigate contracted spaces effortlessly with your little ones, you should be thinking of owning Joovy Caboose stroller.

It is suitable for children from birth to those weighing up to 45 lbs of weight Stroller has 2 positions front seat with an adjustable foot rest and a bench seat at back. Worry less about safety of your kids as it has a five point harness in the front seat and a three point harness in bench seat to make adjustments as required. These harnesses in kids' strollers help in securing them in place.

Rear bench is adjustable and lockable thus your kid has a choice of which position suits them for increased comfort. Your kids will love freedom of being able to sit or stand and you can harness them when you want them to stay put. Included with it is a safety strap that goes over infant car seat much like it would in car for that extra security and when they are older they will have ample and spacious space to sit on.

It is easy to set up as well as easy to fold up. It has two cup holders for parents to keep some of their items like phones or keys thus for extra convenience.It has two canopies made of strong 600D nylon material which ensures that kids ride cool and smoothly while protected from harmful sun rays. Its top also comes with a variety of material. Colors adding to its beauty ranging from blueberry, green, black, brown, orange and green.

This double stroller has four wheel suspensions to ensure your kids have a smooth and enjoyable ride and moving along different surfaces exposing your kids to different environments. In addition to that is that rear wheels are fitted with brakes to enhance additional safety during parking. Its lightweight design makes easy to move and a choice for on move moms and easily folded and safety during parking.

Its lightweight design makes easy to move and a choice for on move moms and easily folded and stored for increased portability. It has a storage basket and under seat basket for carrying babies items. It offers a car seat adapter and a rain cover for rainy weather.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy fold up providing fold trigger system
  • Accessible storage with elastic sides of its storage basket
  • Convenient with a reclining front seat
  • Lightweight


  • Insufficient space for rear seat when front seat reclines
  • Trays do not pivot so you put them on or off
ZOE Umbrella XL1 Double Stroller Review

ZOE Umbrella is one of best double umbrella stroller that will surely catch your attention with their extremely lightweight design even lighter compared to some of the single strollers.

 It is a side by side double stroller that you can travel with around while making your errands or hang out with some shopping with your little lovely ones.

It is an ultimate lightweight, compact, every day, pop in and out, run an errand, travel around the world, double stroller for on-the-go parents that are tired of their bulky twin stroller! This power walking is foldable with one hand and folds compactly to a small cargo thus it is not about to take all your space inside your car or store.

So, this is a stroller for public transit and easy double snap and go stroller design. Each seat of this stroller features independent canopy shades with storage pockets. Extendable shades are a perfect of hot, sunny or windy days in preventing your kids from damage from bright rays or dust and pockets are a great storage capacity for your phone or home keys.

Seats have a multi recline systems thus are able to recline to an angle of 135 degrees deep thus your children can have some short naps. Reclines occur independently so one child will not affect the comfort of another one. You do not want to hear your children either falling down due to poor safety measures and that is why ZOE has a five point harness system ensuring maximum security of your kids for increased comfort during the ride.

Put all your essentials in a large storage basket which is not only large but also accessible even when seat has reclined. This stroller also includes a travel bag, two child cup holders, one child snack cup, one removable cup holder and a padded front belly bar. Wheels of this stroller feature colorful caps that are removable to reveal sleek black or gray wheel thus customizing the look of stroller.

Front wheels swivel but can also be locked and have suspensions to give a smooth ride on rough terrains. In addition to having individual step-on brakes for each rear wheel, it has a large bar which you can easily step on to lock both rear wheels. Comfort is much ensured as it comes with padded leg rests where children can rest their legs when tired. It will surely create impressive looks too many parents.


  • Easy to use
  • Super lightweight
  • Quick fold and easy to use for public transport
  • Large storage pockets on back of canopy
  • Compact with a modern design
  • Easy to maneuver around


  • It is hard to turn especially on corners
  • Fabric is not washable
Delta Children LX Side by Side Stroller Review

Do you want an affordable stroller? I suggest delta children LX side by side stroller. It makes traveling with two children easier. It is available in many different colors.

The stroller has a large canopy which protects the children from harmful elements like the sun, wind, and rain. The stroller folds up easily for easy storage at home or even the hood of the car.

The lightweight frame makes it easy to use It has two large bags for storage that help carry all the children essentials while taking them out It also has a cup holder and two attachment points. The stroller can easily fit through a standard 30 inch wide doors. This makes it easy for you to move with in shopping malls and at home.

The front wheels can rotate 360 degrees and can absorb shock easily making the ride off to be smooth and comfortable. The delta children are made to be affordable to all the parents. It provides the children with a safe place to sleep and explore the surroundings. The stroller is simple and straightforward.

The net bags of the stroller on the back can hold all kinds of stuff at the end of the day. It can maneuver easily and fit through doors without any hustle making it very wonderful. It is one of the strollers I would highly suggest to many parents as it will give great service.


  • Compact umbrella fold and easy storage
  • Large European canopy
  • Lightweight frame
  • Parent cup holder
  • Multi position reclining
  • Folds up easily
  • Large baskets for storage


  • No underneath storage
  • Not easy to store in the car trunk
  • A bit bulky

Types Of Double Stroller:

There are basically three types of strollers:

  • Side-by-side strollers: These type of stroller has seats; usually with same amount of space and amenities that are next to each other, besides each other. These strollers have normal sized wheels-bigger than those on umbrella strollers, but smaller than on all- terrain stroller. They are usable on smooth surfaces like smooth sidewalks, roads and in door floors. They have better storage, steering and handling. They are easier to turn and maneuver but are harder to near impossible to get through narrow doorways and aisles.
  • In-line strollers: This single-file style has one seat in front of other with back seat raised higher than front seat for better viewing, though of same height. Usually seats do not have same space and amenities. They are stacked up in stadium style. Their width is same as that of single stroller allowing you to get through doorways with ease. One seat may recline more than other or offer more leg room, cup holder or ability to attach to a car.
  • Convertible strollers: Convertible strollers are those that are convertible to a single stroller or a double or triple stroller by adding an extra seat. These strollers are a perfect choice for growing family. They are versatile and very durable thus of great value.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Double Stroller

Finding and hunting down for a stroller that is perfect for your kids is a challenging thing and without contemplating which one is best for them can lead to a whole mess. I have found out some important factor. These are as follows:

1. Safety:

While thinking about best stroller to use, safety should be first priority. Why then should be even having a stroller that will not ensure children safety? Look for a double stroller that comes with a suitable restraint to keep your twins secure. This will prevent them from falling out from the stroller during their ride. Consider that with 5 point harness, waist and shoulder straps for extra safety and that with a tether strap and parking brake will be best choice.

2. Stroller Wheels:

Consider wheel type of stroller that you intend to buy with purpose and bearing in mind which kind of terrain you will be moving about. A rough terrain requires large and big wheels to withstand such conditions as little ones do not feel the impact of terrain. Wheels with bearing, for example, reduce effort used in pushing stroller. Consider material used for wheels as an inflated rubber wheel is best in withstanding test of time while plastic ones do not.

3. Stroller Size:

Stroller in mind should be that which that easily goes through without necessarily folding it up. It should be a little less with width of standard doors of 33 inches.

4. Purpose Of Stroller:

Before making any purchase of double stroller determines what you will be using the stroller for. If you love running or walking with your twins, then you should consider a double stroller that is designed to suit all terrains and grounds. For instance, one with adjustable and locking wheels is the best choice since it will make it easy for you to walk or run on different terrains. However, it will be for moving around shopping centers, you need which is lightweight, non-sturdy and easier to fold.

5. Budget:

There are many double strollers in the market and all come at different prices to suit every interested buyer. It is important to work out the budget before going to market as you might get overwhelmed to find that your choice does not meet your pocket capabilities. By considering your budget, it will be easy for you to shop for a double stroller since you will not take a lot of time comparing different types of strollers. Also, you will be able to narrow down your choices and be able to choose the one that is within your budget.

6. Travel System:

While considering a stroller look out for a travel system double stroller. You do not want to have a stroller that is hard to switch from your car to outside. Look for a double stroller that you can transfer your twins from your car to stroller quickly. Look for a stroller that has a compatible baby car seat, which clips into the stroller and fits perfectly well.

7. Storage Space:

When you are planning to buy a double stroller look for one with a storage space whether it is a compartment or a shopping basket, or an extra option if needed. This will enable you to carry your small shopping's easily as you stroll with your twins, instead of walking with your handbag. Basket capacity is much necessary especially for active parents who will want to bring with her all relevant stuff during outing. It should be huge enough to cover your intended purpose.

8. Weight Of Your Kids And That Of Stroller:

Considering the possibility of movement, your choice of stroller should not be too heavy to handle. Very heavy double stroller will add on to a tress of handling your double stroller as you push your kids from one place to another. Your kids' weight is also necessary as you do not want to move around while your children are sagging stroller. This reduces its durability, it destroys faster, and I am sure you do not want to go back to harsh market looking for another stroller for your kids. It should be one that accommodates their weight and yet moves on smoothly for longer prolongation.

9. Steering:

Make sure you go for a double stroller that you will able to steer comfortably and be able to move confidently without striking your legs on it A double stroller with adjustable handle is the best choice for you as it allows easy handle adjustment to suit different people with various heights. While looking for a stroller always stay focused not to be fooled around in buying which you do not want.

Final Verdict:

Since your day is full of different activities, a double stroller is very important for your children. The stroller should give comfort to the children and keep them safe. This article gives you all the information you may need when looking for a new double stroller. A stroller should features that are important to you to be able to complete your daily tasks well. This will enable you to buy the best double stroller for infant and toddler and have a great time.

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