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Best Baby Carrier For Hiking In 2021 - Reviews & Guide

Best Baby Carrier For Hiking In 2021 – Reviews & Guide

Having young children don't have to stand in the way of your hobbies. With a baby carrier, you and your child can enjoy hiking together, sharing in a love of nature and the great outdoors. However, if you're in the market for a best baby carrier for hiking, then you know that there is far too much choice. What makes one baby carrier different from another? How much money is a baby carrier really worth? How are you going to identify the right baby carrier for hiking? Have no fear, for in this article you will find reviews of 6 market-leading baby carriers, written in an easy-to-compare format. It's our mission to give you the information you need to make a good choice when you buy a baby carrier for hiking, and by the time you've read the article, you should find that you can make that choice with ease.

Best Baby Carrier For Hiking - Comparison

Selected Baby Carrier For Hiking : Reviews

After testing, analyzing, talking with some real experts and customers we have sort out six top quality baby carrier for hiking and written details review to make your buying decision easier! Special thanks to our friend Robert who is a professional hiker and hunting expert and the owner of Opticpicks.com for helping me to write this post.

Deuter Kid Comfort 2 Review - best baby carriers for hiking

Available in a choice of colors (Cranberry/Fire & Arctic/Denim), this baby carrier boasts a wide range of features, all geared towards your comfort and your child's safety. The child-seat is adjustable for height and width and it comes with foot rests which can also be adjusted to suit your child, while the kickstand is a nice feature for keeping the carrier secure when you need to put it down.

Meanwhile, for your own comfort, the back of the carrier is made out of comfortable, breathable materials and the straps are ergonomically designed. In terms of what's missing, if you want to protect your child from the sun or the rain then you will need to purchase the sun and rain roof.

Since it's well-equipped with safety and comfort features, this carrier seems to be designed for more serious hiking, which raises the question as to why exactly the sun and rain cover is sold separately, when in most cases it would be a necessity for a regular hiker.

Furthermore, the pack only allows for one wearing/sitting position, so you can't carry your child in front of you, or choose which direction your child will face. This carrier is suitable for children who are 5 months or older only, so if you need something for a younger child then you will want to look elsewhere.

Important Features:

  • 5-point safety harness
  • Wide kickstand
  • Air Contact back system delivers maximum ventilation
  • Comfortable for Kids and Parents
  • Soft chin pad provides optimum support for little ones
  • S-shaped shoulder straps relieve neck strain
  • Ample storage pockets
phil&teds Parade Backpack Carrier Review

A more light-weight baby carrier, suitable for less strenuous walking and hiking. The Phil&Teds parade baby carrier comes with a free-standing aluminum frame and an ergonomically designed adjustable harness to ensure security and comfort for both parent and child. It comes with a small pack for your child to carry when they aren't sitting in the carrier so they can share in the fun.

The Phil&Teds parade baby carrier is fun for your baby and comfortable and secure for you. It's a worry-free carrier for all shorter walks and family strolls. It also folds flat for easy transport in cars or on planes, so you can take the carrier wherever you need it.

The carrier also features a bottle-holder and a small amount of storage for smaller items (such as keys). This item is available in a choice of blue/gray or orange/gray coloring.​

This is a simple carrier which would be perfect for strolling around town or going for a gentle hike on a day with Clement weather. However, the lack of sun or rain protection means that if you're going out for a longer hike than you might want to invest in a different baby carrier.

Important Features:

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • 2 year warranty with product registration
  • Internal aluminum frame for freestanding load up and foldings
  • Parent & child harnesses for different height
  • Easy to wear padded shoulder & hip belts
  • Easy to wear padded shoulder & hip belts
  • Includes detachable mini backpack, drink bottle storage, pocket for keys
  • Breathable, molded air-tech ventilation for comfort on hot days
MiaMily HIPSTER+ Child & Baby Carrier Review

The big selling-point of the MiaMilly HIPSTER+ is that it is very versatile. It can be easily adjusted to fit children from 0 to 36 months, so it's a longer-term investment than many other options. Furthermore, it is suitable for a variety of wearing styles: your child can sit behind you or in front, facing inwards or outwards; while the detachable hip seat allows you to easily cradle your baby in front of you or to your side.

Furthermore, it comes with storage features and breathable fabrics for your comfort. The carrier is well padded and is designed with safety and comfort in mind. You can be assured that your child will be happy when you use the MiaMilly Hipster+ baby carrier.

The lack of a sun or rain cover means that you may want to invest in extra weather protection for your child and maybe consider a different carrier for more strenuous hikes.

However, this is a good investment if you plan on taking your baby on regular short walks in good conditions.  The versatility of the carrier is a major selling-point, and the variety of wearing-styles should keep you and your child comfortable in every circumstance.

Important Features:

  • 9 different carrying ways
  • Built in ergonomic hip seat provides maximum comfort for parents
  • Hidden storage pocket and a smartphone side pocket
  • Easily adjustable for front and back
  • 3-way lock buckle shoulder strip for extra security
  • Built in ergonomic hip seat allows baby to be always in a natural sitting position
Kelty Tour 1.0 Child Carrier Review

Marketed by the manufacturer as "Ideal for Backpacking and Carping', there aren't loads of extraneous feature in the Kelty Tour 1.0, but it definitely has all the essentials that you will need for hiking. It is adjustable to carry children from 16 lbs (7.3 kg) to 40 lbs (18.1 kg). And it also has a small storage space for water bottles or other essential gear.

Equipped with a sturdy frame and a stand for safely putting your child on the ground, this is a good piece of kit for taking your infant on longer walks.

There is no choice of color for this item, so if you can't stand the idea of a blue baby carrier then you might want to look elsewhere. Once again, there is a rain/sun cover available, but it is sold as a separate accessory.

Furthermore, there is only one wear-style, so you can't adjust the position of your child. Still, it is a sturdy piece of kit, and if you are serious about hiking then this may be the baby carrier for you. On the other hand, if you're looking to get more features for your money then you may want to look at another carrier.

Important Features:

  • 5-point adjustable child harness
  • Secure child leg system for easy access
  • Ideal for Backpacking and Camping
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Comfortable secure cockpit
  • Soft and contoured shoulder Straps and hip belt for stability
Baby Back Pack country Carrier Review

This is perfect for hiking as it comes equipped (hallelujah!) with a sun/rain protector! Unlike other similar products, where you have to buy the canopy separately, the good people at Crosslinks understand that a Baby Carrier for Hiking might actually be taken outside! If we place the weather protection to one side, this is otherwise a no-frills product. 

The lack of extras, however, does make this carrier very light, coming in at only 5 lbs (217 kg). It also comes with an aluminum frame and a stand for placing it on the ground as well as padded shoulder straps for your comfort.

The only storage space it has is some space for water bottles, but the seat is adjustable for children between 6 months and 4 years old. The simple fact that this baby carrier comes with a sun/rain protector as standard makes stand out, however, you might be put off by the lack of extra features.

Still, as long as you don't need lots of storage space, then this might just be the hiking baby carrier for you, but if you are looking for something with lots of storage then another product might be better for your needs.

Important Features:

  • Strong and lightweight aluminum frame
  • Retractable canopy for protecting child
  • Padded straps and hip belt
  • Energy-absorbing lumbar padding keeps you cool and comfortable
Osprey POCO AG Plus Child Carrier Review

This carrier also comes with built-in weather sheltering, but it also features so much more If you buy this baby carrier then you can expect: lots of padding for your comfort and your baby's comfort; a good amount of storage space; stirrups for your child's feet; and a choice of colors (black, ivy green or seaside blue).

The pack features a design geared towards comfort and stability. The straps and harnesses are designed to provide lumbar support and spread the weight of the pack across your back so that you don't feel too much pressure when you are wearing it.

The carrier is loaded with pockets and compartments so you can carry some of your essential gear along with your child. This has essentially got all you could want and more from a baby carrier for hiking. It's hard to see why you would want to go for one of the other child carriers unless you are attracted by a cheaper price or if you plan on using it for less strenuous walking.

If it's serious hiking you want to do, however, and if money is no object, then this is probably the one to get, for all of its top-quality features.

Important Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Adjustable double halo harness
  • 6 inch/15cm of torso adjustment, the poco ag Series can be quickly and easily
  • ​Built-in sunshade
  • ​​Comfortable ventilated custom fit and superior load support

 Buying Baby Carrier For Hiking -Things To consider before

What you are looking for will vary depending on your precise needs, but essentially you want something which will provide good value for money; safety, security and comfort for your child; comfort for you; weather protection for your child; and hopefully you'll get some nice extras too. Every different baby carrier will promise that it offers the best features in all of these fields, so let's break it down a little so you can tell the important stuff from the unimportant.


Firstly, comfort. Every baby carrier will have slightly different specifications. The most important thing is that there is plenty of padding, as the last think you want is for your shoulders to hurt too much or for your baby to be uncomfortable when you're halfway up a hillside or several miles from any resting place.

Apart from padding, you may want to look at different styles of wearing the carrier, Some carriers allow only one wear-style, but others allow a degree of versatility or adaptability, so if you like to change between wearing your child in front of you or behind you then you will want to look at what kind of style the particular baby carrier allows.

Safety And Security:

Next, in terms of safety and security, you are looking for thing such as a stand for securely placing the carrier on the ground with your child still inside. Also, foot supports can be very important for long hikes as they help maintain a healthy circulation in your baby.

For weather protection, many baby carriers will have you buying extra accessories, which is slightly baffling if the entire purpose of the carrier is to take your child on long expeditions outside. This stuff is less important if you will only be using it for short walks, but if serious hiking is what you want to do then all of these safety and security features are important.

Extra Features:

In terms of extras, you will find that many baby carriers come with a small amount of storage space for hiking essentials such as water, maps, compasses etc. This stuff may only be important if you don't think you will otherwise have enough storage space; if you are hiking with people who are carrying bags then this extra room might be redundant.

Some child carriers also have places to secure toys to keep your child entertained, while at least one brand actually comes with its own teddy bear, which is a cute add-on.

Value For Money:

Finally, how much money you're prepared to part with is up to you, but you want to make sure that whichever carrier you buy meets your minimum requirements for safety and comfort, especially if you are going to be parting with large amounts of your money.

Some carriers will require you to buy weather protection separately, and you will want to make sure that the quality of the protection is worth the extra money. If not, then you will probably want to buy a pack with the weather covers included as standard.


  • plus-circle
    Test the carrier before buying
  • plus-circle
    Practice lifting the carrier with your child inside it
  • plus-circle
    Always make sure you have a secure grip with both hands when you lift the carrier
  • plus-circle
    Test placing the carrier on the floor to make sure it is stable
  • plus-circle
    If you are going to remove your carrier while hiking, then place it on the flattest and most secure surface that you can find
  • plus-circle
    When you put your child in the carrier, make sure that they are sitting securely and comfortably
  • plus-circle
    If you are struggling to lift the carrier then have someone help you put it on
  • plus-circle
    Test all straps and buckles before use
  • plus-circle
    If anything is broken then don't use the carrier
  • plus-circle
    Don't place a child in a carrier if they are too old or young. Every carrier should specify what age-range is most suitable

Final Verdict

While it is the opinion of this writer that the Deuter Kid Comfort 2 Carrier is the best for features and value for money, you may have a different opinion. What's important is that you find a carrier which will enable you to enjoy hiking without worrying about the safety or comfort of your child. Whichever carrier you buy, we hope that you will get plenty of usage from it in order to pass your love of hiking onto a new generation. Happy Hiking!

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