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Things To Buy Before Your Baby Is Born : Recommended By Expert Moms!
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Things To Buy Before Your Baby Is Born : Recommended By Expert Moms!

Congratulations! Becoming a parent, whether this is the first time around or not, can fill any person with a plethora of emotions, ranging from excitement, enthusiasm to sheer panic. But there is no reason to panic. One of the best ways to reduce some of the stress is preparing for the arrival of your new family member.

Weirdly enough, most internet guides focus on what to buy after the baby is born. However – and most new parents will agree with this sentiment – the last thing you want to do after arriving home from the hospital is rushing to the store because you need something that you forgot to buy. In this list, we will focus on items that are extremely convenient to have in those first crucial days when you will be too busy taking care of your newborn to think about shopping. Here is what you should buy before the baby arrives.

In this article, we will be focusing on clothes and home accessories for the baby, however, a complete list of the best things to buy before baby arrives contains vital items for the new mother, as well. Don’t forget that parents, especially the breastfeeding mom, will also need handy things in the house during those chaotic first few days.

Things You Should Do Before Your Baby is Born

Preparing The House:

First of all, you will definitely have to add several infant-specific furniture and gear pieces. You want your child to sleep, live and bathe in the comfiest possible conditions, so you will have to make your house and car baby-friendly.

First off, since infants can’t bathe in regular tubs, you will need to get one that is designed specifically to babies. Most of them are quite cheap (around $50), so you will have no issue finding one on a budget. As for sleeping, there are several options available:

  • A crib, if you are comfortable with your baby sleeping in another room.
  • Bassinets to keep them close to your bed.
  • Co-sleepers if you want to sleep next to your baby without injuring them. 

The next thing you will need to buy is a car seat. Do not put off this purchase, as the baby won’t feel safe without one. While we are at it, you should also add a high-quality stroller or a baby carrier to the checklist – a stroller is good for taking the baby on a walk, while a carrier allows you to keep them close while doing other household tasks.

Clothes And Shoes:

Even if their tiny innocent brains are still not able to fully process their surroundings, hospital stays are as unpleasant for babies as they are for the new parents. And, similar to you, your baby will need some clothes to wear when it is finally time to come home. Make sure to reserve a few hours to wash all clothing items with a gentle detergent to prevent the baby from developing any reactions from the materials. So, here are a few basic clothing items that you should buy:

  • Leggings, shoes, socks. The socks and leggings are a must because they will keep your baby warm and comfortable. While the shoes are not an obligatory purchase, it is a good idea to have a pair handy for when they are ready to take their first steps (trust us, that moment will arrive sooner than you believe). After a few weeks, you can also start putting shoes on your baby’s feet to familiarize them with the feeling of wearing footwear.
  • Blankets. While it might be tempting to ditch the clothes, a blanket’s purpose and utility goes beyond that of a makeshift clothing item. You can use a blanket either to keep them warm, as a changing mat or simply a comfy surface for them to lie on. Swaddling blankets will make them feel secure – even adults need them -, while heavy blankets are good for providing warmth in colder temperatures.
  • Pajamas. There are many baby-specific pajamas that are looser around the belly to prevent the material from rubbing against the umbilical-cord stub.
  • Bodysuits or one pieces. They are easy to put over your baby’shead and convenient to slip off when they need changing. 

Useful Accessories:

Apart from clothes, you will need to buy lots of accessories to make both your and the baby’s life easier and more convenient. Even if you think you have crossed all the items on the checklist, you have no idea how easy it is to overlook something important. Here is what you will need:

  • Pacifiers. A must-have comfort item that will make your baby safe and secure when you can’t.
  • Diaper rash cream. As soft as a newborn’s skin is, it can become rough and irritated just as easily.
  • Grooming items. This category includes nail files, combs,and brushes. You will need baby specific combs for their soft hair, and nail files because their nails are very hard to clip.
  • Thermometer, in case you think like the baby has caught a fever.
  • Diapers, for obvious reasons. It is worth mentioning that you should not overstock with newborn diapers, as they will quickly overgrow them.
  • Bottles and formula if you are not breastfeeding, or if your baby is not capable of eating yet.
  • Nursing pads.
  • Gripe water.
  • Disposable wipes.


Parenthood, regardless if you are experiencing for the first time or not, can be scary. However, if you want to eliminate some of the stress, the best way to do this is keeping your mind occupied with preparations. If you are unsure what exactly you should buy, make sure to go through our guide and you will have an easier time shopping. 

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