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In Step Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger Review

In Step Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger Review

Most of the times, active parents find it difficult to go out and run about 5K with their little babies. This isn't because there are no strollers but they find it difficult to get that double jogger stroller that can be as effective and safe enough for the run. That is no longer a problem with the introduction of In step Arrow fixed wheel double jogger stroller. With this stroller, active parents can now run that 5K they have always wanted to with their babies.

In Step Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger Review

The stroller not only guarantees a smooth ride, it also ensures the comfort, safety, and convenience of the babies. With some uniquely designed features, the stroller is considered one of the best double jogger strollers around. If you are looking for durable and versatile double jogging stroller, then you can read an interesting review of BOB 2016 Duallie Stroller.

In Step Arrow Fixed Wheel Stroller Features Points:

Here, we will consider the key features of this stroller that makes it one of the best strollers available today.

Bicycle Hand Brake:

Sometimes, the normal brake of strollers might not be enough to adequately stop the stroller from slipping away, especially in sloppy areas. This stroller features an additional bicycle hand brake to further enhance the braking system. The bicycle hand brake is located on top of the stroller where you can easily have access to it and use it when you decide to make a stop. This will also ensure safety for your kids.

Dual Trigger Folding Mechanism:

The stroller is easy to fold with its dual mechanism. It is convenient to store and transport from one place to another. So, if you want a stroller that is not just easy to fold, but also safe, then this is one of your best options. This goes a long way to increasing its efficiency.

Adjustable Canopy Cover:

General sunscreen in strollers doesn't usually fully protect the babies from the harsh sun. The presence of canopy covers in each compartment makes up for this deficit. The canopy covers, which are adjustable, protect the babies from the harsh sun. keeping the baby safe and more comfortable in the stroller. This stroller features canopy can be adjusted to suit different weather conditions.

Pneumatic Air Tires:

The tires ensure a smooth ride, they are road-friendly and adapts well to any terrain. The wheels make it easy for the stroller to maneuver in tight spaces and ensure better handling and general control. The wheels also make the stroller adapt to run about 5K.

Rubberized Grip Handlebar:

The stroller features a rubberized grip handlebar that makes it comfortable both for the babies and the parents and also prevents the stroller from slipping when parked. The rubber grip is a lot more comfortable to hold than some other materials in use.​


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    The wheels of the stroller are made of aluminum, making it very fast and easy to control
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    Easy to fold, having a simple folding mechanism
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    The stroller has adjustable canopies in each compartment
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    The stroller is easy to store and maintain
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    The stroller has a spacious interior, making it comfortable for babies
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    The stroller has convenient parent and babies' cup holders


  • Relatively heavy compared to some other strollers
  • Adjustable canopies don't always cover the babies from the sun when moving at top speed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does this stroller have speaker?

A: No, it does not have speaker.

Q: Does it has any brake?

A: Yes. It has a hand break like a bicycle for the front wheel, also a foot break for the rear wheels.

Final Word:

If you are an active parent that loves to go on the run with your babies, this stroller is specially designed for you. It is safe and convenient for both the babies and the parent. It has features that make it easily adapt to different terrain and change in weather. The stroller is also easy to maneuver in tight places and corners because of its swivel front wheel. The stroller can be easily packed, stored and moved from one place to the other without much stress. It can be folded easy and is also easy to set up. If you are active jogger and love to run with your babies, this stroller could be the exact stroller you need.

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