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How To Take Care Of Your Over Weight Baby – Guide From Expert Mom!
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How To Take Care Of Your Over Weight Baby – Guide From Expert Mom!

It is no doubt that we as parents strive for what is best for our children. Giving them the best opportunities we can in our neighborhoods and school systems, helping them to achieve the goals they want, the list goes on. Sometimes, however, we tend to lose our insight as the days go on. We cave in to the temptations that our kids tend to beg for, including the food that's not so great for us. I'm sure you have all heard by now, but child obesity is on the rise in our society. If you find yourself in the same situation in your own home, we are here with a few tips to help care for your over weight child and do what is best for them.

Take Care Of Your Over Weight Baby - Steps

Baby On The Move:

Of course, the most logical and well-known way to help your little one to get back on the healthy track is to get them moving throughout the day. Help your child by bringing them outside to get some fresh air, plan physical activities and games that keep them on their toys, or any other ideas you can think of.

baby playing with toys

Making the exercise seem more like a game or playful activity will help to keep your child attention and focus on the activity rather than on eating an extra snack, plus it helps to get the heart rate up and work those muscles!

A Change In The Kitchen:

When exercise is part of the regimen, you are sure to know that diet is not far behind. However, I'm not talking about putting your child on a strict diet; That could be quite harmful to your little one and could essentially teach bad habits. That also excludes the use of supplements and "diet food plans" that can be found in some of the local grocery store chains.

These supplements aren't meant to be used by children, and can sometimes have bad results in return. With that said, the best way to approach a change in "diet" for your child is to introduce more produce from the food pyramid. Try to decrease the number of processed snacks that get stacked up in the pantry and bring in more fruits and veggies, foods made from all natural and healthy ingredients et cetera.

baby in the kitchen

Although not always on our own minds, or sometimes just on the back burner, it is also very important for us as parents to follow the same routine. Let me explain a bit further; Remember the phrase "monkey see, monkey do'? That concept applies to almost every aspect of raising a child as they will often take every single detail of their clay to heart, and will likewise watch our every move and copycat if you will.

So, monkey sees monkey do. Make a healthy meal for dinner, take the time to help them pick out a healthy light snack after school, or even let them help you make their own healthy lunch for school in the morning. Applying these same guidelines to our own diets and meal planning during the weeks can help implement that similar stability of a healthy routine into your child or children, leading to those good habits that stick with them as they get older and begin to make those independent choices on their own.

Show Your Support:

Last but certainly not least, the number one best thing that you can do for your child that is struggling with their weight is to be supportive of them. Children that are having problems controlling their weight and their eating habits can often times have the physiological issue as well, especially in their social peer settings.

Bullying is not uncommon anymore, and the last thing your child needs is to feel like they are being bullied by their own parent Show your support by helping them see the progress they are making, whether the steps are big or small. Being able to help them see the good in eating right and getting enough physical activity can help to boost their mood, especially when mom and dad are right there beside them.

It may seem like at times, there is no way you will get over this speed bump with your child, that there is no end in sight, that they won't see the good in healing their body and their mind. Believe you me, your child will look up to you no matter what. They know that you will do anything for them, that you will stick by them through thick and thin, no matter the details.

Prove to them that you can help them every step of the way, and before you know it, they will have better eating and exercising habits. There is always a way to overcome the obstacle of obesity, even in your child. Don't give up hope.

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