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BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller Review

BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller Review

A stroller is one of the most important baby products that you need. It helps you carry your little one in a comfortable and safe way when you are going out for shopping or walks. Again, for people who love jogging or simply want to cut off some pounds after giving birth, having a quality stroller can help you achieve your fitness goals.

BOB Revolution Flex Stroller is a perfect choice if you are looking for a stroller that is easy to maneuver on different terrains. This stroller is your perfect companion for daily adventures with your baby. It is designed to suit children from 8 weeks up to 70 pounds.

BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller Review

As compared to other strollers, this model provides comfortable rides. It doesn't matter if you are riding on grass, wooden train or cracked sidewalks. You can maneuver it with ease on a wide range of terrains. It is also packed with many great features that enhance the ease of use. Let us find out more details about this stroller in this detailed review.

Detailed Review Of BOB Revolution Flex 

Padded Handlebars:

One of the major considerations that you should think about when you are buying a stroller is the type of handlebars. Are you planning to use the stroller alone? Is the handle comfortable? You need to look for a model with adjustable handlebars so that any other member of the family can use it with ease depending on their heights.

Bob revolution flex has an adjustable handlebar with up to 9 different positions. It is designed to fit all parents whether short or tall. You just need to adjust the height of the handlebar to make it comfortable to push.

Swivel Front Wheel:

The front wheel is lockable to provide stability when you are riding on rough terrains or jogging. You can use this stroller on a wide range of terrains without any trouble. Additionally, it swivels to provide the required maneuverability.

Folding Design:

This stroller is designed with a lightweight frame which makes it pretty simple to handle. The frame folds easily in just two steps for convenient storage and transportation. If you want to carry the stroller in your car trunk or store it when it is not in use, then it will fold compactly without raking up more space.

Adjustable Suspension:

BOB flex stroller features an adjustable suspension system to keep your baby comfortable and safe. It brags of two stages of weight support to offer you with the most comfortable and smooth rides.

Travel System Compatible:

If you need a baby stroller that is travel system compatible, then this one will be a great purchase. You can easily come up with a complete travel system when you get a matching B-safe car seat and a BOB infant car seat adapter. On top of that, it has an accessory adapter that gives room for quick and easy attachment of the infant car seat adapter or a snack tray.

Adjustable Reclining Seat:

The whole idea of having a baby stroller is to help you carry your baby comfortably and safely. This is why it is important if you spend money on a quality stroller that is comfortable. You will love the BOB stroller because it features an ultra-padded seat that is adjustable to provide maximum comfort. It also includes a five-point harness to keep your baby secure all the time.

Important Features:

  • Adjustable padded handlebar
  • Two-step folding design
  • Swivel front wheel
  • Adjustable and padded reclining seat
  • Adjustable suspension system


  • It is foldable for easy transportation and storage
  • The seat is comfortable for the baby
  • Designed with a lightweight and durable frame
  • Works well on all terrains
  • It is easy to brake
  • It is compatible with car seat
  • Large canopy protects your baby from harmful UV rays


  • The storage basket is small and hard to access
  • Some users find it hard to fold

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can the seat of the stroller adjust to an upright position? My child loves to sit in an upright position to enjoy the view.

A: Yes it can. You can adjust the seat to different positions to keep your baby comfortable.

Q: Does the stroller come with a rain guard or should I purchase it separately?

A: The stroller doesn't come with a rain guard. You need to buy it separately.

Q: Up to what height does the handlebar adjust?

A: I took the measurements from the floor and the lowest setting is 33 inches and the highest setting is 45 inches.

Final Verdict:

This is a perfect stroller for a parent looking for a convenient jogging stroller that will keep their baby safe and comfortable. It rides smoothly on different terrains and the presence of adjustable handlebar makes it easy for all parents to push comfortably. The stroller is also equipped with many great features that make it comfortable for both the baby and the parent.

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