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Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review

According to researchers, strollers have been effective and lots of parents have seen the advantages they come with, most of the strollers, especially double jogging strollers, at some point, tend to be too small for the babies as they grow. 

The interior spaces become too small for the growing babies and hence the parents need to get bigger and probably more expensive ones. To reduce this effect, we introduce a new kind of double jogger stroller that is exquisitely designed for growing babies to ensure more comfort and safety of the babies-introducing Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger.

The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger review

This double jogger not only ensures adequate space for growing babies, it also has some uniquely designed features that make sure the babies are more comfortable, safer and more convenient for parents to handle.

 Features of The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger

Baby trend expedition jogging stroller has some amazing features that have made it one of the most popular brands of double strollers. These features include:

Designed For 6 to 50 Pounds Children (each):

What makes this double jogger stroller unique is its special design and construction. Unlike other similar strollers, this stroller is designed for growing babies. A baby can conveniently occupy the stroller as the baby keeps growing. There won’t be any need to change the stroller as the babies grow due to space and special design to babies about 6 to 50 pounds in each compartment. It suits babies that are not more than 42 inches tall.

Locking And Swiveling Wheels:

This makes the handling quite easy. The swivel wheels make the stroller to maneuver in tight corners and make the handling easy. The locking wheels also ensure that you  can run a certain speed limit with the stroller.

Pneumatic Bicycle Tires:

This feature enables the stroller to pass thorough rough places and varying terrains. Wheatear the road is smooth or rough, the material helps the tire adapt. The material also ensures the tire is not affected by the change of weather.

Multi Position Seat Recline:

Adjustable seats in both compartments of the stroller ensure convenience for your babies. This also ensures that your little ones are comfortable throughout the ride. The seat also features a five-point safety harness.​

The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger seat

Large Storage Basket:

For convenience and a more organized interior, this stroller features a large basket where stuff can be kept. This makes the stroller less clumsy and hence, more comfortable for your babies. The storage basket is large enough to accommodate all your kids’ essentials.

Convenient Parent and Baby Trays

This double jogger stroller also features convenient trays for both you and the babies. The trays are used to hold cups. The trays are at both ends of the stroller, making it easy for both the babies and you  to have easy access to the cups to sip a drink or water during a strolling or jogging session.

Easy To Fold:

After a run, the stroller is easy to fold and in turn, making storage and mobility easy. The one step fold mechanism is convenient for parents.

The Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger


With a dimension of 49*21.5*43 inches and weight of 25 pounds, the stroller is relatively heavy compared to other similar types of double jogging stroller available today. This makes it easier to maintain and pack.


  • check
    The seat can be reclined to different positions
  • check
    The stroller maneuvers through tight places easily
  • check
    Interior is spacious and is good for growing babies, saving the cost of buying another stroller as babies grow
  • check
    Easy to assemble, control and handle
  • check
    Easy to store and maintain


  • Because of its size, it does not fit well into normal single doorways
  • When pushed fast, the front wheel shakes, raising fear and lack of confident in its usage. This issue has been addressed though

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is this stroller appropriate for clay walking?

A: Yes, it works fine on clay walking trails and hiking trails.

Q: Does this double jogging stroller has speaker?

A: Yes this stroller has a speaker.

Final Verdict:

Baby trend expedition baby stroller is widely considered the most effective and popular baby stroller when it comes to growing babies. Apart from the fact that it helps save cost because there won’t be need for parents to buy another stroller as the babies grow, its special features also make it convenient to use and comfortable for both babies.

No matter the sizes of the babies, they will perfect and comfortable fit into the stroller. If you are looking for a double baby stroller that can easily and comfortably accommodate your growing babies, this stroller might be the answer for you.

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