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Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller Review

Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller Review

Over the years, parents have found it rather inconvenient to take a walk as well as take care of babies and ensure their safety and comfort Baby strollers have been introduced to curb this inconvenience. Till date, there have been lots of positive reviews on the strollers, both double (for twins) and single.

As the years go by though, there have been constant significant improvements on double strollers that ensure better delivery and effectiveness. This article introduces another amazing double stroller with more advanced features to keep the babies more comfortable and ensure proper handling on the part of the parent- Baby Jogger Summit X3 double jogging stroller.

baby jogger summit x3 double

Regarded as one of the best strollers for parents that love to take their babies on a stroll or jogging, the 2016 Summit X3 double jogging stroller is the definition of a fast and durable stroller.

It boasts of lots of fascinating features and characteristics that adds to its amazing design. The stroller practically has almost everything an active mother would want in a stroller.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double Stroller Features

This double jogging stroller has lots of wonderful and user-friendly features. If you are an active parent or you are planning towards the birth of your unborn baby, this double stroller is worth taking a look at Here is why:


Most of the time, you cannot predict the weather. Harsh or cold weather could be detrimental to the health of babies, especially when they are outside in a stroller.

Because of this, it is always essential for strollers to have features that can adapt to any weather to ensure the comfort of the babies. You get this in this stroller, a canopy coverage that is weather friendly and can be adjusted to match a particular kind of weather.

The canopy coverage basically protects the babies from the sun. Each compartment has its own canopy coverage and has a window where you can constantly check on the babies.​

Deep Seat Reclines:

The babies might fall asleep in the stroller and parents need to ensure when they sleep or are seated, they do so in proper and convenient posture. This should be a priority when considering a stroller, an adjustable deep seat recline that ensures adequate posture when babies fall asleep in the stroller.

Again, this stroller is a sleeping paradise when the seats are fully reclined. The deep seat recline feature this stroller possesses ensures that the babies are comfortable when they fall asleep or are seated in the stroller.​

Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller reviews

Spacious Interior:

This stroller boasts of enough interior space in both compartments. These spaces give the babies more freedom to move within the strollers. The stroller also has extra seats in both compartments which give room for all babies, no matter their size or weight.

Remote Locked Front Wheels:

One of the major features that make this stroller unique is the presence of a remote lock for the front wheel. The swivel wheels make sure the stroller is easy to maneuver in tight corners and among crowds. The front swivel wheel makes the stroller easy to control and handle, also giving it adequate support needed.

All Wheel Suspension Systems:

The suspension system for this stroller is amazing. It soaks up all the shocks felt due to bumps and uneven surfaces. The effect of bumps on the stroller is minimal due to the excellent suspensions system.​

Hand Brake:

The safety of the babies in the stroller is a vital factor to consider when evaluating the best kinds of strollers. The presence of a handbrake in this stroller makes it one of the safest strollers available. Apart from the fact that the brake is sharp and smooth, it is also very easy to reach. Located in a position where the hand can easily reach, once pressed, the hand brake brings the stroller to a halt in a smooth way and prevents the stroller from slipping away.


  • check
    Quick and easy fold
  • check
    Efficient brake system
  • check
    Includes a canopy
  • check
    The tires can adapt to different terrains
  • check
    Locking and swiveling front wheels


  • A bit pricey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does this stroller fit infants without a car seat?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: Is it great for all types of terrains?

A: It is suitable for all types of terrains.

Final Verdict:

Baby Jogger 2016 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller is regarded as one of the best double strollers available, especially for runners.The tires make it one of the fastest kinds of strollers available. It is relatively safe and is user-friendly. Ranking among the easiest strollers to set up, its ease of use is top notch. Although the stroller is quite expensive, if you want a double stroller that gives you value for your money, look no further, this stroller might just be it.

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