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The Five Reasons To Swaddle Your Baby

The Five Reasons To Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling is a topic of concern for most parents. Some are of the argument that swaddling is not good for infants, others feel like their babies do not respond well to swaddling, while others are for the idea.

However, swaddling has amazing benefits when done the right way. This helps to protect your baby from startle reflex, calm over stimulated infants, and remind them that they are still protected despite being outside the womb.

Most first time parents receive a swaddling lesson before they leave the hospital. This shows that the medical experts also recognize the benefits of swaddling. If you're not convinced, here are some reasons why swaddling works for your baby.

Better Sleep:

Newborns have a natural startle reflex that may wake them up. Swaddling them keeps them from shaking and assures the baby that they are safe. They are thus able to get a good rest. Babies will take regular short naps during the day and at night. Having them properly wrapped will help them sleep for a longer period of time.

Reduce the Risk of SIDS:

The Journal of Pediatrics did a study in 2007 on swaddling and found out that swaddling helps to reduce the rate of SIDS. Most people assume that swaddling makes it difficult for babies to breathe as they could cover their face in the process, not to mention inhibit their ability to flip onto their tummies. However, this has been proved wrong.

It's nonetheless important to never put a swaddled body to sleep on their stomach. Swaddling is used for babies who sleep on their back. Also, avoid smoking and remove all items from the cribs such as blankets and comforters. Use a thin bumper and a firm mattress.

Baby sleeping with swaddling
Swaddle baby with mother

Basics For Soothing:

Swaddling may not soothe your crying baby right away or help them fall asleep right away. However, the process of swaddling creates the foundation for other things you can perform to encourage your baby to fall asleep. You can start with the swaddle and later add on other soothing techniques such as pacifier to calm the baby.

Encourage Development Of Motor Skills:

Some people believe that swaddling wraps the baby's limbs and this limits their access, further hindering their ability to self-soothe. Nevertheless, babies have little control of their limbs and swaddling those helps them develop motor skills as well as neuromuscular progress.

You can use a swaddling sack instead of a blanket. Dress the baby appropriately to avoid overheating. Position the sack properly.

Added Comfort:

A newborn has trouble adjusting to their new environment having spent nine months in a cozy space. Research shows that swaddling creates a feeling of being in the women as the baby is wrapped and its movements inhibited.

This provides your baby with a comfortable environment he/she can comfortably sleep in. Forget the debates on why swaddling is not ideal for your baby. Swaddling has amazing benefits for a newborn. Just ensure that you're wrapping the baby correctly to avoid suffocation.

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