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15 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kid A Dog

15 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kid A Dog

As a concerned parent, one of the questions you have to deal with is whether or not to get your kid a dog. If it were up to you, there are numerous reasons why a pet wouldn't be a good idea-the added expense, constant fur on your sofas, and the responsibility that comes with taking care of them. However, there are also a whole lot of good reasons why you should consider it. Moreover, you don't have to settle on a two-week old puppy to get these benefits.

Here are 15 reasons for you to get your kid a dog.

1. Dogs Will Encourage Your Children To Think:

Dogs are fascinating and could have an impact on humans. They can help your children develop the ability to think. Most children do not find the need to while others lack this vital skill. Caring for a pet allows your kids to make instant decisions daily. This will come in handy when they are growing up and interacting with others.

2. Studies Show That Dogs And Kids Are Similar:

Studies suggest that dogs are just like kids. What's more, scientists believe that a dog's brain and that of a child are almost identical. With this, you can keep your child engaged at home. Over time, your children will learn how to handle the dog.

3. Dogs Listen:

If your child needs a companion, certain breeds would make an excellent choice. This is particularly helpful for children with health or social difficulties. Dogs can provide great companionship when your child feels sad, frustrated, or go through a rough time in their life. Your child will learn how to talk to the dog and this can ease the stress off.​

4. Ideal For Heart Health:

The American Heart Association shows that owning a dog may help even your children develop the risk of a heart disease. Walking the dog around is a form of exercise that keeps your heart healthy. Moreover, it provides the kids with a chance to bond with the pet and this decreases stress levels which translate into a healthier heart.

5. Improve Social Skills:

Some kids find it difficult to get along with their peers. Research conducted shows that kids who are around a dog are more social. Getting a dog for your child will help your child make friends and become extroverted.

Kid and dog playing together

6. Aid In Speech Development:

Some children experience delays in reaching certain milestones like speaking. A dog can help them begin to speak out. Your child will want to issue commands or even call their name. Moreover, when they are playing, this can encourage your child to speak as he/she will be more confident.

7. Build Confidence:

Parenting a confident child doesn't come automatically for most parents, however, getting your child a dog can help encourage confidence. Studies show that dog owners have an attachment to their pets and to the people around them. This makes them comfortable with anywhere they may be and with time, they'll be comfortable with who they are. A dog can help your child break out of their shell.

Dog and baby on the park
kid and dog on the field

8. Teach Generosity:

If you notice that your child is selfish, get them a dog, you'll notice that when the dog arrives, your child begins to learn that it's not always about them. What's more, your child will not only be responsible, he/she will learn about the need to take care of themselves.

kid at dog hug together - get your kid a dog
Kid and dog making fun each other

9. Learn Unconditional Love:

When your children have a dog, they will learn how to love unconditionally. They will learn this lesson faster, unlike a child who doesn't have a dog to care for. They can later apply this concept when they meet other children and people later on in life.​

10. Keep Your Children Active:

With today's technology, children tend to spend their time playing video games and this can make them lazy. If you're concerned about this, get them a dog. Dogs need to be walked and your child will learn the benefit of getting up and moving about Moreover, they can participate in fun games with their dogs to stay active. This will help them maintain a healthy weight even in their later stages of life.

11. Keep Your Child's Spirits High:

It's shocking that nowadays children are diagnosed with depression. To help curb this, get a child a dog as this helps to reduce tension as well as improve their overall mood. Dogs love happy surrounding and your child will be encouraged to play and be in a better mood around the dog.

12. Protection:

Having a dog around offers a sense of protection knowing that there's a reduced chance of a robbery or break in. Dogs tend to be protective especially of the kids in a house. You can rest assured that your kids are in good hands.

13. Improve Their Immune System:

Research shows that children brought up in a home that already had a dog are less susceptible to colds and other respiratory infections. Some breeds have various bacteria and germs that enable your child to build a defense against. This improves their immunity and helps to fight off other illnesses.

14. Learn Responsibility:

Is your kid too lazy to make their bed, organize their room, get them a dog and see how responsible they'll turn out? Your child will have to walk the dog, feed it, and groom it. With time, your children can take initiative and learn to stay grounded.

15. Ideal For An only Child:

If you have an only child, they can sometimes get lonely. Getting them a dog can help make them feel less lonely. Moreover, they can learn how to interact with others, be loving, and kind as well as respectful.

There are numerous benefits of getting your children a dog. Although they sometimes stink, drool, shed, and bark, with time, you will realize how rewarding they can be.

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